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Users / Re: "myth tv seems to have died"
« on: June 20, 2007, 12:11:13 am »

I also had problems logging in to mySQL with user mythtv.
I think I solved it with the following procedure:

Login as root:
Code: [Select]
mySQL –u root         (Use –p if you have a password assigned)

Select the mysql database:
Code: [Select]
use mysql;
Display al users:
Code: [Select]
Select User, Host, Password form user;
Remove all mythtv users:
Code: [Select]
Drop user ‘mythtv’@’localhost’;
Drop user ‘mythtv’@’’;
Etc. whatever ‘mythtv’@......  user is listed in the user table.

When all mythtv users are removed, create a new one with all rights and without a password:
Code: [Select]
Grand all privileges on *.* to ‘mythtv’@’localhost’;
Exit mySQL and try to log in as mythtv.

I wrote this procedure without referencing the exact commands. So there may be errors in the commands, but I think the general idea is clear.
If it works you can assign a password and revoke rights if security is an issue.


Installation issues / Many services are not running
« on: May 28, 2007, 10:23:53 am »

I installed Beta 2.
After pressing the watch TV button I got the message: "Myth TV seems to have died."
I checked the system services and discovered that most of the system services are not running.
I suppose this is not normal.
Any idea how to solve this?

Gr. Electuur

Hello sharlee_angelo,

Thanks for you fast responses and help. I am not sure if you understand my problem.
You talk about receiver, remote and mythTV. I am talking about IR interface, and IR transmitters.

The MS package contains aside the Remote and USB Receiver/Transmitter, two IR transmitters which you can connect to the IR receiver/transmitter, which is connected to the USB interface off the Media Director. The IR transmitters can be placed on the IR receivers of your a/v equipment. By sending USB commands to the MS IR receiver/transmitter, you can control the a/v equipment. This resembles the situation with a gc100, only communication takes place by USB instead of the network.

If this isn’t possible, I want to connect a IR led to the serial port as described in the LIRC project.

From what I read in the documentation I have to add interfaces before I can add a/v equipment. Is this correct?

Gr. Electuur

Does that also add the functionality of the IR transmitters that can be connected to the MS IR receiver.
My intention is not to add an Orbiter (a remote controller) to the system,
but to add an interface to the (hybid) core to control my TV and UPC (digital) receiver.

Gr. Electuur

Does it? You don’t tell the source of your knowledge.

If I select Interfaces, ad device.
Manufacturer: “Microsoft”
Device category: “Infrared Interface < Interfaces”
and press the “Apply filter” button,
there are no templates to select from.

If I select:
Device category: “Interfaces”
and press the “Apply filter” button,
I get a list of device templates, but none that resembles the MS transmitter.

So my conclusion is that nobody is using the MS IR transmitter.

I tried to define the interface myself, but I haven’t found a description/meaning of all the fields you have to fill in to define the device. The “Help” buttons on the admin screens don’t work. Until now I haven’t found a description of the meaning of these fields. So any help would be nice.


I have a "Microsoft Remote Control Receiver 1.0A for Media Center PC with Windows, Model 1040"
On the back of the receiver are two jack plugs numbered 1 and 2 to which I can connect IR leds to control AV devices.

I would like to add this device to my LinuxMCE system.
Is this already possible?
I don't know what to enter in all the fields available when adding this interface.
Any help would be appreciated.

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