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as far as I understood, you don't need any modified driver anymore. Just install the correct ATI-driver and use XOrg 7.x.
Because I have no TV-card anymore, I can't test it myself or even look after the correct params.

Sorry for no more help...

Installation issues / Re: Debian 4.0 base - compatible?
« on: April 17, 2007, 01:18:40 pm »
I did not try to install on suse because the CD uses debian-packages... suse won't take them afaik. Compiling & Installing Mythtv did not work either because Suse 10.2 uses qt4 and several "up-to-date"-packages while mythtv needs qt3 and aborts compilation with qt4..... I am a user of Suse since V 6.0, but I tried ubuntu because of LMCE....

3d-drivers in SUSE were never a problem as I always ran SuSE as root until the system was set up completely. I would like this in Ubuntu, too. But it uses another philosophy...

Debian 4.0-DVD1 is ready, but I'm still waiting for DVD2+3 ;)

Users / Re: HARDWARE - Video Cards? Video Capture Cards? Chipsets?
« on: April 16, 2007, 11:10:16 am »
A question of epic dimension.
I just set up a new LMCE-HTPC to answer these question.
The only hint I can give in advance: Never believe the international "HTPC"-sites regarding hardware... most of the only live in USA and so have a fine life with MPEG2-NTSC-HDTV. That is not even comparable with h.264-HTDV in Europe -- wherever you live.
"As it seems" for HDTV in Europe you need at least a dual-core 2GHz-Athlon64X2 (>="3800+") or Pentium D with 3+GHz in combination with a NVidia >=7600 or ATI >=1600Pro. Never choose a Geforce 6800, because many versions don't support hardware-decoding of h.264, but reportedly a 6600 does and may be enough.
Take it as kind of sports to take the right hardware ;)

Support for TV reception is implemented in three ways:

    * a Radeon TV-input driver
          o merged into 7.0, now released
          o supports Rage Theatre and Rage Theatre 200 cards

hmmm. I had the same card, but never tried to use it under Linux ;)
Some hints can be taken from, some hints at The Gatos-Project had some tips, as it gives as news:
Radeon TV-input code has been merged into X.Org CVS, to appear in release 7.0.

    * Bogdan Diaconescu has written code to support Rage Theatre 200 chips and it has been merged into CVS, it will appear in release 7.0.
    * ati.2 Radeon TV-input code has been merged into CVS, it will appear in release 7.0.
    * Bogdan Diaconescu has ported rage128 and radeon parts of ati.2 code to XFree86 4.4.0 - the new code is in module ati.4.4.0 in GATOS CVS.
    * Some of GATOS code that provides Xvideo support for mach64 adaptors has been merged into XFree86 CVS after much, much rework by Egbert Eich and Marc La France.
    * Lourens Veen has written a nice haiku describing the status of TV-out support.
    * The haiku above no longer applies thanks to the work of Federico Ulivi on TV-output support for Radeons. See tv_output branch above.
    * The driver development is in the process of moving to CVS.

There's much to explore ;)

Installation issues / Debian 4.0 base - compatible?
« on: April 16, 2007, 10:44:35 am »
By default, the question itself reminds me bitter of Win95/98/98SE-ages.... :(
It seems impossible for Linux devs to keep a compatibility in qt3/4, gtk1x/2x, etc... - :/

I'm not a "newbie" to Linux, but try the change from SuSE to a debian-based distri. A bad choice as it seems:
I tried the ubuntu 6.10-installation about two whole days with many, many problems never seen before and a finally "fail": Asrock AM2NF3, Athlon 64X2EE4200+, DDR2, 1950ProAGP.
The installation routine did not work in normal or safe video-modes. Text-based setup did work on the 8th-try: Very, very bad USB-support in Ubuntu, as it seems. I had to disconnect all USB devices for a smooth installation without "some installation error occurred". Even then, a "select and install software" had no selection available...(?is this the normal behavior?)
The concept of not having a "root" gave problems when installing the ati-driver - it was simply not possible: sudo is not enough. I had to "install" the root user manually and change to "su". And after the successful driver-install, Gnome won't start anymore...
"Never again Ubuntu!" :(

So finally my question: Did anyone try to install LMCE on the new Debian 4.0? I give it some hopes because of the self-supported CD of LMCE.... The download takes some more.... days... so enough time to ask you :)


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