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Im starting to set up a house core, this is my first Linuxmce install(tried many times the last years, but HW has been shaky at best :) ). I complete Kubuntu install from cd, then i follow the wiki net install:

cant post links yet

It flows thru install and AVWizard, then launces X with black screen. And installing stuff, and outputs big white tekst onscreen. And after a good while, tekst stops, and a green progressbar at the bottom is at 98%, then dissapears, then reapears, and dissapears.. and so on.... It does not flikker, but stays on for some seconds, then is away for 10-20 sec. The pointer changes from pure white, to black w/ white borders, but when the progress bar no longer apears, it stays white.

last msg on tty1 is :

Orbiter Generation Start
Orbiter Generation Done

Consol 8 last msg:

Starting LinuxMCE Launch Manager ... ok

Tried to install a few days ago to, so not sure if it is different snapshots, as seemed to be the problem here:
cant post links yet,10492.0.html


Check and see if you have the file /var/lib/dpkg/status.. If it does not exist, as root, type  cp /var/lib/dpkg/status_old var/lib/dpkg/status

Then try apt-get update again...

I have the same problem, and i got the "status" file there.

Try to go to /etc/apt/apt.conf.d and see if in these files, 30pluto and 30pluto.pbackup, you have AllowUnauthenticated "true". If you have "false", try to change to "true" and try to reinstall LMCE

I have the same error, and got the 30pluto file, and it alrady says "true".

Get same error on both machines, AMD64 and Celeron.

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