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Installation issues / Re: Wireless Card does not connect
« on: April 06, 2007, 09:11:14 am »
Thank you very much for your sound advice, I'll follow your steps and see how I go.

Installation issues / Wireless Card does not connect
« on: April 06, 2007, 02:16:34 am »
Hey guys I hoping someone here can help me.
My issue is that once Ubuntu is loaded and my wireless adapter (802.11g) is configured I load MCE.
Once MCE starts there is no network comms, here are the steps I've taken.

I load Ubuntu correctly,  then I install all the updates over a UTP connection.
Once done I load the network manager and WPA supplicant (for some odd reason Ubuntu doesn't support WPA out of the box)

Okay now I have Ubuntu running over 802.11g, with no issues.
Please keep in mind the system wants a password entered to connect to the network each time (I think it was called a ring password or something) this is something Ubuntu wants not my network.

Right so on with the 10hr install of MCE (you know what I mean) and then the final reboot happens. As you know you get promoted with the Orbiter screen asking to configure etc...

This is the issue I can't get to it over wireless because I'm guessing under the bonnet Ubuntu still needs that ring password entered.

Can MCE work using an 802.11g adapter as it's primary interface?

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