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Users / Multiple Sources from Multiple Locations
« on: April 02, 2007, 05:07:13 pm »
Hi all.. Love this project!  I will be building a new box asap.  Currently, I'm running x86_64 ubuntu :(

a couple quick questions:

I have 2 DVB-S cards in the basement
1 HD DVR (Starchoice) in the living room with a 67" DLP
1 HD Receiver (starchoice) in the bedroom) with a 36" LCD TV

Is there any way to run multiple servers? or can an MD stream to a server while viewing another video?

I also have a DigiMatrix waiting to be set up
Other equipment possibilities I would like to integrate:
Blackberry Pearl (remote?)
Motorola Razor (Wife's remote?)
My Laptop (Dell Inspiron 9100)
My Wife's Laptop (macbook)
Pocket PC HP4150
Sony HDR-HC1 HD Camcorder
Sony TRV-510 DV Camcorder
3xGadspot IP daynight security Cameras
1x Gadspot PT IP Camera
sprinkler system
x10 (throughout whole house)

(I'm a gadget kinda guy :))

Once I get started, I'll keep you posted on my success


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