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Installation issues / Here's my how-to for everyone out there...
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:55:12 am »
Ok, I've been through many, many, MANY problems with linuxmce... quite a few of them are also experienced here by other users, so I thought I would put together a small "what works for me, what to stay away from"

I'm writing this as I go, cause I broke my install by screwing with the repositories... just a note, don't do that...
just like everyone else, main returns error 404...  I tried playing with that and really broke my config.
SO, here we go again. :)

I have been able to get most of it working...  here's my setup:

EVGA NVidia SLI motherboard (can't remember the model)
  it has dual gbit nics, Intel Pro2Duo
GeForce 6600
Bluetooth dongle
HP IPAQ 4155 (wifi and bluetooth)
3x GADSPOT 1600H IP Cameras
1x GADSPOT 9603 IP pan tilt camera
CM11A X10 controller
X10 throughout house..

D-Link DI-524 Router, D-Link 1120G (Viop) and a bunch of computers, etc.

Ok, first, My VOIP router plugs into broadband, Dlink router into VOIP router, this allows the rest of my network to continue to operate while I play.
MCE box plugged into DI524 with ETH0

Boot and install ubuntu 6.10 Desktop

*** don't try mixing SATA with PATA - you'll get frustrated.. keep it either all PATA or all SATA... I ended up bying a SATA DVD RW because of these frustrations...

that said, once ubuntu is installed from CD, reboot, and then do all the software updates. DO NOT update to 7.04!

Grab another cup of coffee... drink it, and wait.

once you have ubuntu 6.10 updated and good to go, then go to and install automatix.

This really helps installation of codecs and video card drivers.

ok, I'll update this when my ubuntu is finished installing... TTYL

(BTW, if you follow with me, it should work, I DID have it working quite well, bear with me...)

Couple of other parts I remember:  Install a hybrid, booting to ubuntu by default... I tried all the other combinations, got lots of errors, HAL errors, etc.  This was the only config I managed to get working.

Ok, will update in a bit.

Installation issues / Re: Epia MII-1200 -> Kernel panic
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:25:10 am »
Yeah, I came across that too... it's probably because your nic isn't (yet) supported...

Had the same thing with my NVidea SLI dual Gbit nics, kernel panic on both... installed a cheap intel 100M, PXE'd off that, and all was well.

Good luck,


Installation issues / Re: Ubuntu 7.04 Due Next Month
« on: April 21, 2007, 02:43:24 am »
There is a post somewhere on here where someone said they were able to get mce running on 7.04...
they had to link in an older lib, then apt-get uninstall a few things, then apt-get install dcerouter and a few other things, then the install went ok,..... can't remember exactly, search for it...

I didn't have any success, and being that it was so close to the official 7.04 release, I didn't bother to try further..

I'd like to get a few things worked out first, before I attempt that... I can't get the CM11A to talk to my switches with the suggested config, don't want to make things more complicated..... yet....

Good luck,


Installation issues / Re: Help with setup of CM11A please!
« on: April 21, 2007, 02:38:59 am »
Anybody??  suggestions?? hints?? bump!

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE install failure
« on: April 21, 2007, 02:37:54 am »
Hi Steve, Yeah, it is due to the mirrors going down...

in my experience, I've been able to install about 6 times over, (trying different configs, etc) but yesterday, I could not install at all, was getting timeout errors, and connections lost...

Also, I was trying to update 6.10 and was receiving the same errors...
most definately, was an ubuntu repository issue...
I tried again today, and all is (still slow, but) better.

Keep in mind, ubuntu has released fiesty yesterday, so the servers are probably going to be pretty busy for the next few days dealing with that..

Good luck with your install


Installation issues / Help with setup of CM11A please!
« on: April 20, 2007, 09:01:08 pm »
ok, here goes...

Installed Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop OK
installed all updates OK
installed Linuxmce , Core only, Dedicated - no errors
rebooted - blank screen
ctrl-alt-F1, logged in,
startx started ok.
complained about hal not starting...
opened terminal and did /etc/init.d/dbus restart
avahi failed (nothing connected to second nic yet)
browsed into localhost
setup initial config:
2 rooms, Office(closet) and Dining Room
added interface CM11A
added Light Switch in Dining Room, controlled by CM11a, code E3
quick reload router...
checked log for CM11a:

========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1   04/20/07 12:32:11   18 (spawning-device)   Starting... 1
1   04/20/07 12:32:11   18 (spawning-device)   Found ./CM11A
05   04/20/07 12:32:12.035      Creating child 19 <0xb7ae0930>
05   04/20/07 12:32:12.035      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 38 that this has no custom event handler for.  It will not fire events. <0xb7ae0930>
05   04/20/07 12:32:12.035      Note: Device manager has attached a device of type 38 that this has no custom handler for.  This is normal for IR. <0xb7ae0930>

Log for DCERouter: 


05   04/20/07 12:43:30.785      TCPIP: Closing connection to -1003 (Router Dev #0) 0x8406220 m_Socket: -1 <0x89affba0>
05   04/20/07 12:43:30.785      Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x8406220 -1003 <0x89affba0>
01   04/20/07 12:43:31.657      Received message type: 1 id: 606 from: 0 going to an empty device list md: 1825 cat: 0 <0x89affba0>
05   04/20/07 12:43:31.708      Socket::ReceiveData 0x8406220 failed, bytes left 0 start: 380000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 109 Incoming_Conn Socket 109 <0x89affba0>
05   04/20/07 12:43:31.708      Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 109 <0x89affba0>
05   04/20/07 12:43:31.708      TCPIP: Closing connection to -1003 (Router Dev #0) 0x8406220 m_Socket: -1 <0x89affba0>
05   04/20/07 12:43:31.708      Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x8406220 -1003 <0x89affba0>
08   04/20/07 12:43:31.721      Received Message from 15 (App Server / Office) to 15 (App Server / Office), type 1 id 812 Command:Application Exited, parameters: <0x8fc71ba0>
08   04/20/07 12:43:31.721        Parameter 227(PID): 8934 <0x8fc71ba0>
08   04/20/07 12:43:31.721        Parameter 228(Exit Code): 0 <0x8fc71ba0>

Device type 38 is my light switch, been at this for days now...
any advice??

Users / Re: My Dream Setup
« on: April 09, 2007, 05:20:21 pm »
Got Video working, put a test video on core, and F7 does work (yay)
haven't connected laptop as MD yet, will try this.
Flickr Screensaver works great...
as far as the PXE nics, the Digimatrix is a super small form factor, no room...
I can put one in the NForce 680i SLI, but I think I'll hold off on that for a bit...
using that (this machine) to do research while the other machine is the core.

Thanks for your input, apprec.


Users / My Dream Setup
« on: April 09, 2007, 06:53:32 am »
Ok, I've got a bunch of stuff (gadget freak) so let's first go over what I have:
Machine 1 (going to be CORE + MD)
EVGA NForce 680SLI Motherboard
GeForce 7600GT Video card
2GB Ram
Linux 6.10 + mce
mobo has 2 gbit nics

Machine 2 (going to be MD, PVR for DVB-S)
EVGA NForce 680SLI Motherboard
GeForece 7600GS Video Card
1GB Ram

Machine 3 (going to be MD for Master Bedroom)

Machine 4 going to be portable MD
DELL INSPIRON 9100 Laptop (with bluetooth) 802.11abg

Machine 5 Going to be Portable MD
Apple Macbook Intel Based, OSX TIGER (with Bluetooth) 802.11g

3 x  Gadspot IP Cameras fixed, Day/Night capability
1 x Gadspot Pan/Tild Camera Day/Night Capability
VOXCOM Alarm Panel , 2 Door Sensors, 2 Window Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor
X10 throughout whole house, lights, appliances, etc.

In Living Room I have:
Samsung 67" DLP
Sony Playstation 3
Pioneer VST-1015 AV Receiver (all the bells and whistles, select2, thx, dolby everything)
Starchoice Satalite receiver DVR-530 (this is a PVR built into the receiver, needs 2 lines out to the quad LNB to record and watch at the same time.. internal hard drive, sadly, only 1 HD out)

In Bedroom I have:
Prima 36" LCD Flat Screen TV
Starchoice Satalite DVR505 - HD, no pvr

DVB-s cards are TWINHAN 102G (dual) both with remotes
also have a happauge PVR-150 MCE Edition (with the Dual IR Transmitter)
Sony HDV Camcorder (firewire output)
Bluetooth (will) be everywhere..
Current mobile devices:
Blackberry Pearl (Bluetooth)
Motorola Razor (Bluetooth)
HP Ipaq 4150 Windows Modile 2003 (Bluetooth and wifi)

5 port 100Mb/s Switch (currently connected to 4 ip cameras and a downlink)
DI-524 Wireless Router
Dlink 8-Port Gb switch

I'm sure I've forgotten some things...

back to basics here...
have Machine 1 installed with Ubuntu MCE seems ok

have the background images UI with antialiasing xv driver
tried to dump some media on for testing purposes..
put a movie in public/movies, that worked, but no way of controlling it using the built in orbiter
(portable devices not set up yet - whoa, one step at a time!!! :)
put a bunch of JPG's in a pictures folder,
MD (core) sees them, but when I try to "play" them, I get a message saying that no playback module available for playing this type of media.... it's a darn PICTURE!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ok, I'm calm again.  Any thoughts on how to view pictures on the core MD

Second situation:  I think I know the answer to this one, time will fix it...  the second machine (almost identical to the first) can't PXE boot from the first, NVidia NIC's
How do I go about building a Boot CD for this workstation so simulate PXE boot?

Third Situation:  Building a boot CD for the Digimatrix - it doesn't support PXE

on a good note, I was able to PXE boot my dell that's all fine, that was on a previous install - got the GSOD and had to reinstall from scratch, so I'm holding off on installing any more MD's until I can get 1 working properly

Fourth situation, have all the IP cameras configured for DHCP to the DCERouter, they all get 192.168.80.x addresses
programmed in their macs into Generic IP camera...
set the filepath to /GetData.cgi (stream mode)
don't know what IP's are being assigned to the cameras - how do I check?
any other hints about getting the IP surveillance cams working would be helpfull
My Wife has her laptop out of country, so can't do anything with the mac for now.

FYI, I'm using a CM11A (not hooked up yet) and a generic security alarm panel
I'll get the alarm panel later, it's got lotsa config both on the panel, and on MCE Protocols, messages, etc.

got lots more PC's and printers, etc, to get hooked up too.. but 1 at a time here, to get past the learning curve.

should be a nice setup if I can get it all working, X10 curtains are a nice touch in the living room

ok, my 2 cents..
Help!  if you can... thanks


Users / Re: MCE on Feisty 7.1
« on: April 09, 2007, 06:18:02 am »
Ok, Feisty didn't work (as expected) the installer woudln't even run.
back to 6.10....

I'm slowly making progress... starting to figure out just how complex this is... lol

Users / Re: Multiple Sources from Multiple Locations
« on: April 07, 2007, 04:06:18 am »
Ok, Recompile on 7.04 failed... :(

back to 6.10 on other system...

Users / New Equipment
« on: April 07, 2007, 03:22:21 am »
BTW, I have dual systems running, both almost same hardware..
Motherboards: EVGA nForce 680I SLI (x 2)
SATA 320GB HD on both
SATA DVD ROM on 7.04, SATA DVD-RW on 6.10
GeForce 7600Gt on 7.04, 7600Gs on 6.10
1GB RAM on 7.04, 2GB ram on 6.10

just installing 6.10 (again!) on alternate machine
will keep you posted.


Users / Linux MCE on Ubuntu 7.04 BETA
« on: April 07, 2007, 03:01:26 am »
Well, just installed 7.04 Beta and did the upgrades (4 hours)
Of course, the installer for Linux MCE (ubuntu 6.10) wouldn't work on 7.04...
in the process of recompiling from source.. will keep you posted..

had MCE and 6.10, but got the GSOD (Grey Screen of death) unable to contact router....

decided to try out 7.04.  see if I can get it working...
BTW, I'm a linux semi-newbie, been on ubuntu x64 for about 2 months, loved every minute.
still struggling to get the "MS" out of me...

BTW, Ubuntu 7.04 is nice!
will keep you posted..


Users / Re: MCE on Feisty 7.1
« on: April 03, 2007, 04:25:09 pm »
Yes, I have an GeForce 7600GT in an NVIDIA NFORCE 680SLI Mobo with an Intel Pro 2 Duo 3300(?)
This is why I'm running 64bit right now... but I have a couple of spare drives I can slap in and try mce
This mobo is perfect, it's got 2 x Gbit nics, lotsa USB2 ports, SATA RAID, etc...

Users / Re: Multiple Sources from Multiple Locations
« on: April 03, 2007, 04:19:21 pm »
I live in Canada, and the cards I have are Twinhan 1022's.  They work pretty well, qpsk, unfortunately, not 8psk yet :(
My antennae set up is as follows:

Starchoice receivers to quad lnb on starchoice disk (as normal)

2 more eliptical dishes both with 2 dual universal LNB's (8 lines from 2 dishes)
goes into a 8x4 Diseqc, then feeds from there..

Users / MCE on Feisty 7.04
« on: April 02, 2007, 07:41:51 pm »
Anyone attempt this yet?  Feisty is supposed to have more media capabilities.. just wondering if they may conflict..
If nobody's tried this setup, I will attempt it.. :O

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