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Installation issues / No media!
« on: March 27, 2007, 10:59:20 pm »
Not only does LinuxMCE not work on 1366x768 LCD TV's it can't find any media...
I've read the wiki Managing your media
And it says it supposed to find NAS units and Windows shares... It does not!

I have a Thecus Roustor 5200 3TB NAS unit wich runs a linux operating system

LinuxMCE does not find it, and I can not find any way to add the shares from it.

I also have a Windows 2003 server sharing pictures, LinuxMCE does not find that share either.

The PC now running LinuxMCE is was running Vista on a 120GB HD (still does dualboot), and it has 2x750GB sata drives as well with media. How do I add those?

Installation issues / Why does LinuxMCE only work on crappy TV's?
« on: March 27, 2007, 08:27:53 pm »
Cool video on Yootube, but after using 4 hours on installing LinuxMCE all I get is "Out of sync" and a black screen.

I have tried on different LCD HDTV's that have 1366x678 native resolution and all go black when booting in to LinuxMCE.
I have a crappy one that is 1024x768 native and it boots fine there...

How do I set correct resolution with a black screen?!?
Does LinuxMCE have a "safemode"?

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