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I was reading the forum rules (sticky thing at the top of this section), after phenigma reported your latest two posts and it seems to ask for "LinuxMCE compatible" stuff. Athena isn't (unless I'm allowed to give it to LinuxMCE for integration). That is probably why I'm seeing these posts reported for moderation, but I'll get clarification soon.

Developers / Re: hide mouse cursor on orbiter on joggler
« on: May 13, 2014, 05:58:41 pm »
That setting hides the UI2 cursor, and as it turns out possy wants to hide the UI1 cursor.

Stumbled upon this Stack Overflow answer:

It has an error, but once fixed it works. I submitted an edit to that answer. The correct XBM file contents is this:

Code: [Select]
#define blnk_ptr_width 1                                                                                                                                                             
#define blnk_ptr_height 1
#define blnk_ptr_x_hot 0
#define blnk_ptr_y_hot 0
static unsigned char blnk_ptr_bits[] = {
   0x00 };

Users / Re: Zone2 implementation of receiver
« on: March 23, 2014, 02:54:58 am »
So, pretty much this: I did one part of it. The code is not DRY, so there's at least another part (operations/myDevices/editDeviceParams.php) that needs a similar change.

Users / Re: web orbiter refresh
« on: March 06, 2014, 09:17:33 pm »
You'll be happy to know that the problem is now fixed:

Users / Re: web orbiter refresh
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:58:24 pm »
OK... found the problem. Instead of "yes", I get "yes<LF>"... which of course doesn't match the test, so you don't get the refresh.

Users / Re: web orbiter refresh
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:39:25 pm »
Right... so what that says is that the problem is in the Proxy_Orbiter. It doesn't set the "anynews" response to "yes" when a new screen is generated.

What you did is to force a full image reload on each timeout - which might be OK on a LAN, but becomes strenuous on slower connections. The "anynews" flag is a small message by comparison.

I'll have to look in Orbiter and Proxy_Orbiter to figure out why that flag is not set to "yes" when the screen changes. That mechanism works fine in Dianemo.

Users / Re: web orbiter refresh
« on: March 06, 2014, 06:39:19 pm »
I made a change in javascript and is now working.

I hope I'm not asking for much, but... can we have that change posted here as well, so we can see it?

We may look like mind readers, but we are not :)


I wonder if anyone else has this problem and if we could discuss with anyone who has more knowledge of the web orbiter which the impact of this change

That would be me BTW.

Each time this comes up I compare the Dianemo code with the LMCE code, and I don't see anything relevant that would prevent LMCE from refreshing. That's why I'm up in flames that you didn't write the slightest hint about what you did.

Users / Re: HDMI Matrix
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:45:08 pm »
Here is the source for the DCEwhisperer device for the HDAnywhere 4x8 v2 Matrix;

This script is useless to LMCE. Their problem lies in the fact that there may be no matrix logic in the pipe commands, or that nobody implemented a matrix that can be used as reference, or that the website is incomplete and doesn't provide access to all these things and you have to dive into SQL directly.

Users / Re: HDMI Matrix
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:40:02 pm »
Dianemo supports the pipe model. But we also have media_config which is a text file that allows you to create pipe type connections between devices and can be edited by any text editor.

Technically that is incorrect. We don't support the original pipe model at all. I made my own WTF to replace it because I couldn't and didn't have the time to read the existing WTF to understand it and fix it :)

Developers / Re: Building Dynamic Orbiters with JSON/AJAX/HTML5
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:29:37 pm »
maybe you can provide a more detailed bug report, e.g. what exactly you're doing. Are there any messages in syslog? Adding devices to rooms works fine (we've no other reports that indicate otherwise). But for the records, this is the old web admin written in cherrypy. The new interface is served via agorpc on port 8008. Just make sure to install the latest package.

OK, after updating my svn copy and running the updated it doesn't go kablooey anymore. It appears that was what tripped it.

Developers / Re: Building Dynamic Orbiters with JSON/AJAX/HTML5
« on: May 08, 2013, 09:47:36 pm »
afaict yes

Well... it still blows up, but slightly differently. I get the error only 50% of the time now, and refreshing the page gets me my page back without having to restart everything.

Code: [Select]
An error occured in a template

/opt/agocontrol/admin/    default     inventory = discover()
/opt/agocontrol/admin/     discover    if message.content:

Where exactly can I see this emberjs thingy? :)

Developers / Re: Building Dynamic Orbiters with JSON/AJAX/HTML5
« on: April 26, 2013, 01:57:17 pm »
Well... that idea came out of something else really. I'm going to abuse these light switches to trigger scenarios. Variable substitution is serious overkill on the client side (Whisperer) and they never change EAs once configured. While thinking how to do this, this crossed my mind: "dude, these switches are like tiny fixed-layout Orbiters".

All this because otherwise I'd have to add about 9 of these, with 9 scenarios each, and the prospect of RSI doesn't please me :)

Developers / Re: Building Dynamic Orbiters with JSON/AJAX/HTML5
« on: April 26, 2013, 02:25:17 am »
Soooo, did anything happen in the past month or so?

Of course not. That would go against our collective beliefs. :)

But just today I got a brilliant (for various definitions of "brilliant") idea that will probably become useful. I'm thinking of extending the "Execute Command Group" command that the DCERouter can handle to include user-specified and server-specified variables, a la Orbiter's SubstituteVariables.

Here's how it looks like:

You have a scenario that says "MH Play Media" with a parameter called "Entertainment Area" that has a value of "<%=E%>". That would normally be substituted by either OrbiterGen or the Orbiter (not sure which, don't want to check right now) to form a proper command.

So... I want to do this:

Execute Command:
PK_CommandGroup = 1
Variables: C:EA=2, where C is for "Client", EA is for "Entertainment area"

but also be able to use a S:IP variable in the scenario should I need it for whatever reason, where S is for Server, and IP is the Core's IP address.

Another potential variable that crossed my mind: S:MyEA - where the client just doesn't want to bother with looking up its own EA or Room, for various reasons (like it's not very economical for it, but really cheap on the Core).

An Orbiter would be able to operate sans-OrbiterGen, using only "Execute Command Group". You'd probably lay it out by dragging scenarios from a palette on the side or something. The Orbiter would be one way until a back channel is implemented (shouldn't be that hard if you know where to look and write a very generic data source counterpart of "Execute Command Group" - if there isn't one already of course).

Not very efficient, but it works.

Suggested efficient version of script:

Code: [Select]

# This script looks for Apple devices on the network and does something
# for every device that it finds.

if [[ $1 != "background" ]] ;then
        echo "Backgrounding ..."
        screen -d -m -S "AppleRadar" "$0" "background"
        exit 0

## Loging function
function Log() {
        #echo "$(date) $*" >> /var/log/pluto/AppleScanner.log
        echo "$(date) $*"

apple_macs=( 00:03:93 00:0a:27 00:0a:95 00:0d:93 00:11:24 00:14:51 00:16:cb 00:17:f2 00:19:e3 00:1b:63 00:1d:4f 00:1e:52 00:10:fa 00:1e:c2 00:1f:5b 00:1f:f3 00:21:e9 00:22:41 00:23:12 00:23:32 00:23:6c 00:23:df 00:24:36 00:25:00 00:25:4b 00:25:bc 00:26:08 00:26:4a 00:26:b0 00:26:bb 00:3e:e1 00:c6:10 00:f4:b9 04:0c:ce 04:1e:64 04:54:53 0c:74:c2 0c:77:1a 10:40:f3 10:93:e9 10:9a:dd 14:5a:05 14:8f:c6 18:20:32 18:34:51 18:e7:f4 1c:ab:a7 24:ab:81 28:37:37 28:6a:b8 28:6a:ba 28:cf:da 28:e0:2c 28:e7:cf 34:15:9e 34:51:c9 3c:07:54 3c:d0:f8 40:30:04 40:3c:fc 40:6c:8f 40:a6:d9 40:d3:2d 44:2a:60 44:d8:84 48:60:bc 4c:b1:99 50:ea:d6 58:1f:aa 58:55:ca 58:b0:35 5c:59:48 60:33:4b 60:c5:47 60:fa:cd 60:fb:42 64:20:0c 64:b9:e8 64:e6:82 68:09:27 68:a8:6d 6c:c2:6b 70:73:cb 70:cd:60 70:de:e2 74:e1:b6 78:a3:e4 78:ca:39 7c:11:be 7c:6d:62 7c:c3:a1 7c:c5:37 7c:f0:5f 88:c6:63 8c:58:77 8c:7b:9d 90:27:e4 90:84:0d 98:03:d8 98:d6:bb a4:67:06 a4:b1:97 a4:d1:d2 b8:17:c2 b8:8d:12 b8:c7:5d b8:f6:b1 b8:ff:61 c0:84:7a c4:2c:03 c8:2a:14 c8:33:4b c8:bc:c8 cc:08:e0 d0:23:db d4:9a:20 d8:30:62 d8:9e:3f d8:a2:5e dc:2b:61 e0:b9:ba e0:f8:47 e4:ce:8f e8:04:0b e8:06:88 ec:85:2f f0:b4:79 f0:cb:a1 f8:1e:df fc:25:3f 00:88:65 04:15:52 04:26:65 04:f7:e4 10:1c:0c 10:dd:b1 1c:e6:2b 20:7d:74 28:cf:e9 2c:b4:3a 30:90:ab 30:f7:c5 34:c0:59 38:0f:4a 38:48:4c 3c:e0:72 40:b3:95 44:fb:42 4c:8d:79 54:26:96 5c:96:9d 60:fe:c5 64:a3:cb 68:9c:70 70:11:24 78:6c:1c 7c:fa:df 80:92:9f 84:fc:fe 88:1f:a1 88:53:95 88:cb:87 94:94:26 98:b8:e3 9c:04:eb a0:ed:cd a8:96:8a a8:fa:d8 ac:3c:0b b4:f0:ab b8:78:2e bc:3b:af bc:92:6b c8:6f:1d cc:78:5f d8:00:4d d8:d1:cb e4:25:e7 e4:8b:7f e8:8d:28 f0:d1:a9 f4:1b:a1 f4:f1:5a )

declare -A apple_macs_assoc

for mac in "${apple_macs[@]}"; do

while : ;do

        while read serverIP skip serverMAC skip; do
                #sleep 10
                ## Get the important info

                Log "Processing $serverIP (mac: $serverMAC )"

                if [[ -n "${apple_macs_assoc["$serverMAC"]}" ]]; then
                    Log Found an apple product here: $serverIP

        done < <(arp -n |fgrep -v incomplete |fgrep ether)

        ## Wait 60 seconds before doing another scan
        sleep 60

I haven't thoroughly tested my new script, but it appears to be doing what the original one did.

Developers / Re: Building Dynamic Orbiters with JSON/AJAX/HTML5
« on: April 02, 2013, 09:31:41 pm »
My plan is to port the AgoControl schema functionality to LinuxMCE. It shouldn't need any changes, but I'm yet to learn it. After that, whatever gets written should work on both simultaneously (fingers crossed).

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