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Thanks for the quick reply.  Unfortunately it looks like it doesn't support X10!

Hey guys.  Please excuse my ignorance.  I am currently trying to find an alternative to my power hungry windows 7 Homeseer server for home automation.  Right now I have a handful of x10 light modules, x10 remotes, x10 motion detectors, Zwave Trane Thermostat, and a Weeder I/O board used to monitor home security window/door switches.

Would it be possible to install LinuxMCE on the Raspberry Pi or a Pogoplug pink (Arch linux).  I am somewhat familiar with Linux having used Mythtv for a number of years.  I also use a Unix workstation for my job but I am not a programmer or a system administrator.  I can follow directions and can usually noodle stuff through, but far from a developer.  I am just curious to see if this might be a way I can take my HA.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

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