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« on: June 11, 2013, 10:29:37 am »
I would class myself as IT literate, having built a number of PC's and a couple of servers over the years, and managed to keep them running without too many problems.  My problem is I have come up through DOS 3.1 / Windows (numerous flavours) / Windows Server / Windows Home Server and I have never touched Linux in any of its flavours.

We use a Linux based Asterisk PBX at work, and I was considering putting that in at home, but reading up on it I discovered a link to LinuxMCE!

My Windows Home Server is the old version and I was thinking of upgrading it anyway, but if moving to LinuxMCE gives me a PBX, plus homeserver functionality plus security functionality in one box - then it sounds to me like the perfect solution.

My question is, for someone who has never touched Linux, what's the best way to get started, how should I set about learning how to configure / administer it / do I even need to, or will LinuxMCE install automatically and then I just use the graphical UI and don't need to worry about the command line?

One other question, my children save all their homework to our Homeserver and it then gets backed up everynight to a cloud based backup - does LinuxMCE also work as a network fileserver and are there any backup packages (I use Cloudberry backup on the Homeserver) that will back up the server?

Thank you

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