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Installation issues / missing
« on: January 18, 2012, 02:58:36 pm »
I'm a new LinuxMCE 810 user.
I've managed to install and configure rooms and scenarios but my main devices are ZWave.
I have the Aeon Zwave stick which is paired (inclusion) with an Everspring on/off/meter plug device and an Everspring temp/humidity monitor device.
When I plug in the Aeon stick the lighting wizard starts and says it is waiting for the device to start - then fails ('Something is not right, check the Admin pages').
In the Devices/Interfaces, the ZWave interface has appeared along with two devices but nothing works.
Looking at the DCERouter.log there's an error that it 'cannot open plug-in file ./ ', followed by 'cannot load plug-in device'.
So my question is where do I find the and install it?  Or is there something else wrong?



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