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Hi LMCE community,

I am trying to configure my first LMCE 810 system. Currently, I am using a 3G/UMTS/HSPA modem (HUAWEI) E1750C for Internet access. Only from time to time I am able to connect to a WiFI network (e.g. to do major updates/downloads) and I have not managed to configure the 3G/UMTS/HSPA modem properly yet...

I noticed that the Help links in the web-admin refer to the linuxmce wiki (online). For me it would be great if I could download them and have them available also when being offline. Any hints on how to do this (if it is at all possible)?

The alternative would be to get the HUAWEI E1750C modem up and running. Any, hints?



Users / Re: Energy Meter Support
« on: November 04, 2011, 12:01:50 pm »
Dear All,

the two devices Juan Carlos mentioned seem interesting (low price and available from many online-shops). However for a newbie in LMCE I don’t find it is straight forward to hook them up properly in LMCE and second to monitor and display consumption. I was checking a bit in the forum and found the following threats interesting:,10480.0.html,11311.0.html,10158.0.html,11893.0.html,11674.0.html

Nevertheless, non of them is detailed enough to get me going. I have LMCE 810 final release, an Aeon labs stick S2, the Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter (two clamps), and the Everspring Switch Meter Plugin (AN158-2).

Tim, I saw that you where talking about a template for the Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter you where working on some time ago. Is it included in the final release of 810? Which number does it have?

I see, there is a lot of interest in energy monitoring and it would be great if someone could write (or point to) a little step by step guide, including:

1.) how to properly include the energy monitoring devices.
2.) how to configure and pair them up.
3.) how to display basic consumption data.

Greetings and thanks for your time,


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