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Developers / Z-Wave Help
« on: September 23, 2011, 05:31:11 pm »
Hi All!

I recently bought a SchlageLink Lock(Z-Wave enabled)[BE369] and an Intermatic (Home Settings)HA-22 Z-Wave stick for my company.
I was wondering if anyone could guide me in anyway as to how to control the Lock with the Z-Wave stick.
I found the drivers for Windows 7 through which I can open a COM Port to the Z-Wave Stick(although I don't know the baud rate or any other settings for this stick).
I found the driver for Linux as well but was not able to install it on my laptop. The driver description says it does the same as the Win 7 driver ie- open a COM Port for communication.
My main intention is to program the lock using the stick and be able to open and close the lock as well as receive notifications of the lock being opened etc.
Any kinda advice or help provided would be very useful to my cause.


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