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Installation issues / Re: Issue with PLCBUS
« on: December 07, 2010, 04:50:21 pm »
No, It doesn't

Users / Re: [fixed] Help with installing / controlling PLCBUS 1141E USB
« on: November 25, 2010, 11:06:23 pm »
The Interface tells me that is registered but nothing happen, the light doesn't register.

Users / Re: [fixed] Help with installing / controlling PLCBUS 1141E USB
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:31:25 pm »
Yes. Nothing happened.

Users / Re: [fixed] Help with installing / controlling PLCBUS 1141E USB
« on: November 24, 2010, 11:10:04 pm »
Hello, everyone.

  I've tried with a lot of releases and each gives me different problems which apparently shows that is somehow sensitive to the release can anyone tell me with which have you tried and figure it out how to make it work with PLCBUS?

I've tried 7.10, 8.10: beta, 23310, 22601.

 could install everything just with the 23310 but after the Setting Up of  the PLC-BUS Template it doesnt work, the interface Log tells me "Ruby was unable to handle the command in reasonable amount of time", when I send an on/off to my light module the 1141 doesn't make any sound and the led doesn't flicker. Looks like nothing is getting out of the PC. More details of the problem in


Installation issues / Issue with PLCBUS
« on: November 24, 2010, 06:33:12 pm »
Hello everyone, I have read a lot of posts, surfing, searching and seems that nobody has the problem that I have, I've tryed to install LinuxMCE in this PC:

Chipset: ION
Processor: Intel Atom 230
HDD: Disco Notebook Sata 2,5" 250gb
RAM: 1GB DDR2, ampliable a 3Gb (SoDimm)

Interface USB PLCBUS-1141
Light module: PLCBUS2-R 2264D

both tested with the PLCBUS interface SW delivered by the S10

In the following conditions:

-LinuxMCE 8.10 beta
    I followed the wiki step by step but in the installation of the MCE just before it finished said that it couldn't update the initrd. and nothing was installed, it made the /usr/pluto/bin folder but no LinuxMCE and the few .sh files didn't worked because always something was missing. After that I reinstall it with other server because I don't trust in the chilean servers but, the same problem. Then I tried upgrading all, another install upgrading to other Kubuntu versions. But nothing, so I tried with another versions.

-LinuxMCE 8.10 23310, this one was the closest, the installation:OK, MCE:OK, but PCBUS:FAIL. i followed the Setting up PLC-BUS Template, carefully step by step. The device template fine, the interface seems ok and the light module ok, BUT, no signal to the USB Interface (PLCBUS 1141), when it send something the led on it flicks but with MCE nothing. Because of that, i guess the problem is the Interface, I did the wiki by the letter so may be some step is missing or has to be updated or some kernel module doesn't work properly. When i see the Interface log in the Webadmin it said the It couldn't access the device.

-LinuxMCE 7.10, first of all with the disk in Sata mode (BIOS) didn't recognize my disk so I had to change it to ahci mode but the installation got stuck after the untar files, just an blank screen with the cursor in the top. after the reboot nothing happened.

-LinuxMCE 8.10 22601 the same that the beta version I tried the same combinations 3 installations (without update nor upgrade, with update only sw, update+upgrade of all kubuntu), but the same problem with beta.

Sorry if some info is missing but it has been so many tries and so many different errors.

I really hope that anyone can help me because PLCBUS is vital to my project. If someone can help me and come to Chile I in person give him (her ;) ) a free tour. May be even a job.

Thanks for read this huge post.  ;D

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