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Users / Re: How big of a donation?
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:19:18 pm »
Of the methods I know for funding open source projects, only the following three would seem to work for LinuxMCE:

1. Donate
2. Bounty
3. Sponsor

For Donation, that's the "tip jar" method.  What you're saying is "I like what you've done, here's some money".  This is usually seen as "general" monies for the project, and tend to go toward non-personnel operating costs (hosting, test hardware, etc.).  There is no specific goal, other than the overall support of the project.  See: Donate button on

Sponsorships are when a (typically commercial) outside entity gets involved.  They usually rely on the product and want to see it continued and improved.  There may or may not be a specific agenda for a commercial sponsorship, but it's generally assumed that their involvement will steer the project in ways beneficial to the commercial entity, while simultaneously enriching the project as a whole.  Hypothetically this would be represented by Dianemo paying a salary to l3mce for his work on LMCE.  But I don't see this happening here at the moment.

I think there is some real potential for a Bounty program in LMCE.  This can be as small as one individual and one developer agreeing to pay for implementation of a feature or piece of hardware, or as large as Kickstarter projects (which are a type of multi-donor bounty system).  One good example is that I have a Vista 20p alarm system, but unfortunately did not get a VistaICM.  I am no programmer, so I would find it invaluable to be able to pay someone to integrate either the new VistaICM replacement or the AD2USB device.  Given some of the other posts in the forums, others may find such a driver useful as well, and if everyone contributes then everyone wins.

There are other funding methods, but they all have governance overhead that I think is out of proportion with the size of LMCE at this time.  Take the "milestone" approach initially mentioned.   As mentioned, you'd need to set up governance structures to ensure accountability and payment.  And as the number of parties in each milestone transaction increase, you have more stakeholders, meaning more chance for disagreement and drama. 

I like the idea for testing interest in forum posts (maybe a special sub-forum for this?), and if there is a lot, maybe creating a Kickstarter project.  If only one bounty offer shows up, but is enough of an "angel investment" (able to realistically fund the entire feature themselves), then that could be a PayPal transaction between them and the dev.  Maybe a half up front/half on completion payment arrangement on small transacts like that. 

Developers / Re: Spotify device
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:22:34 am »
I'm not a LMCE dev (yet?), but I wanted to chime in because a) I'm VERY interested in a Spotify client and b) I think you're making it more complicated than it needs to be.

PCM *IS* digital.  And pretty much cross-platform.  It's used by CD's.  Look up PCM in Wikipedia for info. 

As for how to stream it, I would imagine the CD playback function of LMCE may be instructive.  

Users / Re: New(s) Easter Bunny in Town
« on: May 25, 2011, 04:24:43 am »
I at least want to acknowledge your post.  Thanks for the info!

By the way, is there any info on the status of 1004?  I looked for a wiki page, but couldn't find one with the information I want:  What systems/subsystems work or don't work?  An obviously rough but realistic estimate of when it could be useful to non-devs? 

Users / Re: n00b Q's - HD partitions/mounts & racks
« on: November 20, 2010, 10:04:42 pm »
Thanks for the info.  A couple more questions.  You say you have a rack...  What kind?  2 or 4 post?  Full height, half height, quarter-height, 15U?  Wall-mount, floor mount, or rolling? 

What kind of rack-mounted RG6 terminator do you have?  Do you have a rack-mounted RG6 splitter?  Where do you get rackmount RG6 equipment?  Most RG6 termination blocks or splitters I've seen fit into Leviton-style panels. 

What do you think about using racks and rack equipment vs. Leviton-style panels?  Choosing one over the other?  Choosing both? 


Users / n00b Q's - HD partitions/mounts & racks
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:27:07 pm »
Hey, there.  Long time listener, first time caller.  :-)

I've been eyeing LinuxMCE for a while now, and I'm just about ready to make the plunge.  I've got a couple of questions.  I've searched the forum and wiki, but couldn't find any relevant answers.

The first step, obviously, is wiring.  I'm a professional nerd.  I'm used to commercial structured cabling.  I've read where commercial racks can be intimidating to buyers when reselling a home.  However, those little Leviton home panels seem too wimpy to use.  Plus, where do you put the core if not a rack?  Most home automation books I've skimmed just lay out the options, but don't really give pros/cons.  I'm interested in hearing a variety of opinions and experiences.  Links to books and outside sources are appreciated as well. 

Second, I'm speccing out the core. I'm thinking of using a SSD as the OS drive.  Because of the write cycle issues inherent with flash media, I figure on using a spinning HDD for constantly-changing items.  Also, I'm interested in using XFS on the media partitions and wherever MythTV puts live/recorded TV.  I've read that things get... complicated... with trying to exert too much control over LMCE's disk drives.  But the things I'm wanting to control are below the level of LMCE.  So what is stored where inthe directory tree?  What gets written to a lot?  I'm assuming swap and /var, but what about /home? 


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