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Feature requests & roadmap / Commercial Use
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:38:27 am »
Hi, I am sure that LinuxMCE is a great product. There is only one problem with this whole thing. Guys I cannot sell it for you, I cannot share profit with you and in the end I will not donate anything to you too. Why is that? The answer is very simple. I cannot have a software sold to the customer when it takes hours to install, dvd installs are not working, I have to go over hell of installation and then sit for hours to do setup of this whole thing. So this is what I propose:

1. Make it simple to install, not like now. There must be one CD or DVD which will install whole package once and properly and preconfigure it during installation.
2. Wizard should ask few questions and that is it. I should not have to  think for 3 days what to do with it. I cannot have trainings running in the business for installers, this will not sale.
3. I need to be able to add custom protocols ( I know there is an option for it but this should be done the way that I do not need to run IT division in house to support the system ).
4. System must be stable and well documented. Support is more important than the product itself.

I think that the problem is in chaos, nobody knows what the hell is going on on your website and those all ISO/CD/DVD files. I am not an lamer and I know linux very well but after 3 hours I have got frustrated and gave up on this thing. My brother is better in this things than me but he got to the same point, just got angry on it. I cannot have a thing sold which stops working because DVD is outdated or I cannot have packages downloaded on it. Make it the way that I can run it and it will work. Stop doing everything you do now and just get right whatever you have in there now. When you get it done properly then continue development. Imagine that I sell this thing and next year whole thing dies because hdd dies or whatever - earthquake or UFO attacks, then what do I do? Try to install it from dvd 8.10 and cry because it does not work anymore? So think how to do it so it can be sold in commercial environment as a product, I will be more than happy to pay for each license I sell.

I am looking for a product like this one and I would like to sell it as a part of the system which I produce but so far I am better to write more simple but stable and working product/software which I can support than sell yours.

Thank you.


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