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Users / Re: iPhone-iPod Mobile orbiter does not update screen on some rooms
« on: November 22, 2010, 10:58:31 pm »
Actually I have gone beyond that.  I have done full regen of all orbiters and rebooted core after regen was complete.

No change...

Users / iPhone-iPod Mobile orbiter does not update screen on some rooms
« on: November 16, 2010, 06:59:20 pm »
When using Mobile app to control Core/Hybrid MD, mobile works fine.  You select Audio and you are then able to choose Audio items on Mobile Orbiter and select and play items correctly with Mobile.

When switching to another room, say Living Room, Mobile screen updates to show scenarios that match Living Room.  But when you select Audio, MD/Screen Orbiter switches to Audio menu, but Mobile Orbiter stays on Scenarios Menu and does not switch.  You are unable to choose audio items on the Mobile.  You CAN choose another scenario, Video, same thing, MD screen switches to Video menu, but Mobile stays on Scenarios menu.

Does not seem to be getting screen updates through proxy...


Wow!  Read 100 times and no response yet.

Anyway, further investigation reveals that it is ONLY the living room that is acting this way.  The Bedroom MD when controlled by the mobile acts the same way as the core.  All screens are updated on mobile and MD simply performs the requested actions as it should.  Living room on the mobile just stares at you until you get something playing and then goes to remote control screen.

Users / Re: Web Orbiter 2.0 Problems
« on: September 09, 2010, 04:59:49 pm »
This is from the latest build from a couple weeks ago....  As of yet, I cannot get the web orbiter to work.  Added child device as per directions, did a full re-gen of ALL orbiters, reset router.  All I get on Firefox 3.6 after the login, is a set of buttons just under what appears to be a title, "Web Orbiter Screen?" such as Back, Logout...   I can logout to get back to login prompt but never seem to get the UI buttons.

Under IE, I get an error block above the buttons, "access denied"

Any info/suggestions would be great.

Users / Re: Is there a windows orbiter for LinuxMCE 8.10?
« on: September 09, 2010, 04:43:05 pm »
Is there an active link?  As of today, the link provided by seth is no longer working and there are no windows builds as of yet.

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