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Developers / Re: CM15A and LinuxMCE
« on: August 20, 2010, 03:52:15 am »
I stumbled over this great forum while google'ing for a doable solution of switching from Active Home X10 to some SW more customizeable and reliable, preferably linux-based. Since CM15a is now a supported in linuxMCE, I got very interested and would' like to get some details from the Gurus here.
All simple test applications mentioned on this forum use PLC  signals sent from cm15a to X10 units. The CM15 in AHP can send not only PLC but RF signals too. Does MCE interface for cm15a provide that feature? Moreover, I'd like to research possibility to send and receive RF signals from security devices like X10 ds10a, ms10a.  I saw on another MCE forum a message  about successful receiving data from MS18- security motion sensor. So, it seems to be possible. Also I found quite detailed data sheets about X10 protocols, including security interface details, so it would be interesting to try.

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