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Users / Problem with preparing the iSCSI boot image of Windows XP SP
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:44:19 pm »

I am trying to prepare the iSCSI boot image of Windows XP SP3.
I have read the article "Debugging Windows iSCSI boot" (

I have:
1) working image (not mine) for virtual machine (VMWare)
2) my image (not working for now). At boot time i got an error 0x0000007B (Inaccessible boot device)

I retrieved the debug log (by means of WinDbg) for each of this two images (files enclosed to this message):
1) windbg-bad-img -- from working image (not mine)
2) windbg-working-img.log -- from my image (not working for now)

As I see, main difference is that when I boot working image, I have recieve this 4 strings:
Code: [Select]
Found NIC with MAC address 00:0c:29:09:46:b7 at "\??\PCI#VEN_1022&DEV_2000&SUBSYS_20001022&REV_10#4&47b7341&0&0088#{ad498944-762f-11d0-8dcb-00c04fc3358c}\{35AD906B-3D5E-4C56-8889-E5DAB5825324}"
iBFT NIC 0 is interface "\??\PCI#VEN_1022&DEV_2000&SUBSYS_20001022&REV_10#4&47b7341&0&0088#{ad498944-762f-11d0-8dcb-00c04fc3358c}\{35AD906B-3D5E-4C56-8889-E5DAB5825324}"
iBFT NIC 0 is PDO 821AB648
iBFT NIC 0 is NetCfgInstanceId "{35AD906B-3D5E-4C56-8889-E5DAB5825324}"

I don't have this strings when I boot my own image.

Please, help me to understand and to find solution of this problem.

Best regards,
Yuriy Khokhlov.

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