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Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: June 15, 2009, 08:45:34 pm »
Here is how my network is setup: I have my computers and all wireless devices connected to a router and the router is connected to the ISP box or the switch if thats what your talking about.

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: June 15, 2009, 08:32:56 pm »
Okay... I had mac filtering on, but even after shutting that down. It still doesn't boot, so I'm guessing that it has something to do with my network set up. (SLAP)... I deserved that one. Anyways... I am a bit illiterate when it comes to network setup so I have no idea what NIC's are or how to make sure that my internal network is or if my DCERouter is reachable at

I am trying to get this as perfect as possible since I will be setting up a similar unit at our church for easier media access.

Thanks for all the help :)

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: June 15, 2009, 07:56:41 pm »
Okay... So I finally managed to "install" the pad orbiter image on my WebDT 366. However, after I reboot it I ran yet into another problem... After the reboot, it asked me for my ESSID and KEY. The ESSID to my knowledge is whatever the router is named and according to my router page, my routers SSID is "linksys". And my key is a 16 digit hex key. My wireless network is WEP encrypted. I tried so many different methods and none seem to work. Once I entered the SSID and KEY it would go to the splash screen and sit there... This happened with every method. I even disabled my wireless protection and it still just say there... Any idea on what I may be doing wrong???

Developers / Re: New boot splash graphics
« on: June 15, 2009, 12:08:29 am »
Is there any way to change the boot/splash screen on the web pads?

Just asking...

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: April 05, 2009, 05:22:58 am »
The 1 indicates the partition number, I think there will only be 1 partition on a thumb drive, so it probably doesn't matter which you use but probably do it without the number.

Well you really do need to know where you put the image, I can't tell you that. If you put it in the linuxmce home directory (/home/linuxmce) then you can just type the name with no path as the terminal window will default to that directory.

The padorbiter file is on my KDE desktop. I know where it is, I just don't know what commands to type when I open the terminal window other than the dd command... I was told I need to first locate the orbiter file through the terminal window, and then type the dd command. I just need to know how to locate it through the terminal window. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: April 04, 2009, 09:53:16 pm »
You should be doing this on your linux box, not a windows machine!

dd is already installed. plug in your flash into your core (say), find out what device it gets called eg /dev/sdb, then

dd if=webpad-gamma1.dd of=/dev/sdb

I installed Linux MCE on one of my machines and booted KDE as you instructed and then I opened the terminal window... I found out that my flash drive is /dev/sdb1
Do I need to included the "1" at the end of sdb? I tried it both ways and I still cant get it to write... I have the webpad-gamma1.dd file on my KDE desktop. Once I open the terminal window, Where do I go from there? I understand that once I locate the file I then type the "dd if=webpad-gamma1.dd of=/dev/sdb" command. But how do I located the file through the terminal window? I dragged the file to the terminal window and it listed the location, I then typed the dd command and it said "could not locate file.." or something like that. What am I missing?

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: March 30, 2009, 02:17:45 am »

No problem systemerror101. You will have to get used to the fact that YOu will have to try a lot on Your own even if You are not sure what You are doing. I have reinstalled my LinuxMCE 15+ times and every time i learned something new. Asking questions that have already been anwsered makes people mad, they have every right to think that YOu are too lazy to read on Your own. People are here to help, but Your questions must be precise.

I went out and got a 4Gb Flash drive... I tried using dd, but I am not getting it... Here is where I am stuck (sorry for bugging you guys). After downloading 5 different versions of dd, I finally managed to get a copy that boots up. All the others just crashed on me. My flash drive letter is "I" and I have the gamma file on my HD (D:\gamma\webpad-gamma1.dd)

I cant figure out how to write the gamma file to the flash drive through dd. You mentioned that I need to open a terminal and log in as root, find the file and then type: dd if=webpad-gamma1.dd of=/dev/sdX where X is my flash drive "I". I don't know what you mean by log in as root. Lets say I am on my computer and i open the terminal windows for dd, Do I located the gamma file through the dd terminal window and then type in the dd if=webpad-gamma1.dd of=/dev/sdX command???

Thanks for your help, sorry for being such a pain. I read all the pages and I cant seem to get it.

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: March 29, 2009, 09:58:11 pm »
You need to actually _READ_ the thread.

You have to use a program that writes the data to the disk, sector by sector. This is a raw disk image.

Use 'dd' or another program like it to write the image directly to the disk image, bypassing the filesystem.


I read all 6 pages twice... I just wasn't sure if dd was the name of the program or not. I also wanted to make sure that I had the correct commands... Thanks for your help, I will give it a try once my new flash drive comes in. I will report back once I try it again.

Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: March 29, 2009, 06:12:14 am »
Use a USB extender cable to hook up a flash drive that won't fit.


I just ran into another problem. When I power up, it loads for a while and then says "Bad Command..." and I dont even have anything connected (flash drive)... I guess it must have deleted a part of the Windows CE OS that was running on there... ALSO, do I just have to download the webpad gamma file, extract it, stick it on my 4gb flash drive and connect it to the dt366 or Do I have to also type some commands for the file to boot? Another thing that I'm unclear about is how to put the extracted gamma file on the flash drive. Do I just drag and drop or is there a program that I should be using to "write" the file to the flash drive...???


Users / Re: ANN: Orbiter image for WebDT 366
« on: March 29, 2009, 01:16:44 am »
Ivan, I had the same problem. Boot the webpad with a live USB stick, and wipe out the partitions, otherwise it will fail. I used UBCD and removed the 2 partitions, created a single one, then booted to Thom's image. Everything works now.

BTW, great work Thom!

I had a similar problem... I think i am missing a step, because when i boot up my DT366 with a USB hard drive attached, it would start reading, but then it would say "Checking Boot USB device" and then "Bad Command or File Name"

Any idea on what the problem might be? I have a 70Gb Hd hooked up since I didn't have a flash drive that would fit in the slot...

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