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hope it got it to you!,  sorry about being all late :)

put me down for 50

Colin, you are the man.! ;D

I see the issue, i was thinking the same thing.... i was going to try  to play with some wacky stuff with Vmware workstation...
connect wirelessly to the ssid and then just use networking  setting  on the workstation to emulate etho on the vm to use the  vm bridge
 which would be the wilress network

kinda the same way a network bridge would work xept the switch is virtual.

I know Directx9.0c works thru workstation.... i wonder how LMCE performs in a VM...
anybody have any hand on with LMCE and Vmware Workstation

boy i love hobbies that are fun and tedious... but so rewarding!

oh yeah and second ? is does the amd64 version  show any performance gain over the i386 build??


Wel the Mds  Range from 3200+ to 5000+ am2 procs on DDR2 for the most part. 1 MD is a 939 3200+ ddr 333mhz with a nvidia pci xpress card with full blown ui2 which works great. ,but  i cant get good network playback on it... haven't tried local from disc yet but thats 2nite! to eliminate the network or ID the issue as the MD

I just wanted to verify with you guys... first thing is first i will test locally using a dvd 

. I got tons of ram and Cpuz and motherboards, so ill be adding alot to the wiki in the next few days!.

hey Talking about things that will help... anyone running N wireless to a MD?  i wonder in N is fast enough for network connectivity for LMCE Mds. full duplex wirless... aww man so sexi :P

Hey Guys,

first time poster,long time reader!!

I am in love with MCE, its much in love that i just bought a crap load of motherboards,cpuz memory, audio cards, nics, cables, hdmi cables,speaker.... basically a ton of crap on ebay for 80% off :) hahaha.  bought a asus hdmi board for 30 bucks shipped!. 

anyways i have a core/hybrid on a 4400+ , 3gb dd2 1066  and a few local hard drives.(sata bus)

Im experiencing some performance issues.  a  remote MD start playing a movie fine, but it starts jitterring and cutting up maybe 2 minutes into it.

Issues could be i think
#networking issues, maybe go to gigabit on the internal network card on the next reinstall.?
#networking issues, cables could be crappy but i dont think so.
# could UI2 on the MD be causing this issue?
# is my Hardware good enuff on the Core/hyrbid?, i can bring it to 8gb and drop a phenom tri core or quad core in there if needed.
#considering my load does moving the core to a seperate box makes sense?will i see a performance increase?

im going to try playing a DVD locally 2nite on a md 2nite, if it works networking is prob my issue.

Im curious as to if this is cuz the HW is taxed... anyone else running similar hardware  supporting 4 MD`s and a few orbiters?

I could also split the core and the MD but i will only do so on the next reinstall if any of you Linux gurus think i should!!! :)

i should let you know that linux is not my first language.... ima a Cisco/Vmware/Systems IT guy so LinuxMCe is  fun ,but has a bloody hard learning curve!!...  lol at least this is a fun hobby! :)

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