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Installation issues / cant get to boot from DL DVD amd 64
« on: March 10, 2009, 03:13:08 pm »
ok, this is a noob problem i know but for some reason the DLdvds that ive created do not seem to be bootable. now yes i did check to make sure my dvdrom works, and i set it to boot from cd, and i even loaded the boot selector and tried to boot from cd. now i know that all my hardware works because i booted a knoppix cd to test it. right now i have ubuntu on the machine, but i built it specifically to be a traveling media center that i can take wherever i go to use for movies and what not. please someone tell me what i am doing wrong... i am getting so frustrated i could just scream... thanks... oh yea, i dont want to run a live cd. i just want to know how to boot it so i can install it.... dur.


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