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Wiki / Re: Started a Glossary page on the Wiki
« on: October 06, 2012, 05:13:02 pm »
I'll give it a look this weekend... Been very busy with that pesky thing called life... What I am looking for this section to be like is a format similar to this...

(Above is the MythTV unofficial plugins page)

Not wanting to duplicate content,... just the table format,... and put resolutions names (480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.), dimensions, typical frequencies, typical modelines, and a list or link to a list of known devices that support that resolution...

Still working on my other project ("drop down" terminal on all MDs), but for that, I'm trying to make sure that, when I do that, it will be fully forward compatible with resolving security issues with the default permissions (MDs running as root), user account logins, etc... and maybe do that more in accordance with "standard" Linux practices (compatibility with SOPs for securing remote ssh logins, for example). I don't want it breaking anything or contributing to any possible system insecurity.

Wiki / Re: Started a Glossary page on the Wiki
« on: October 01, 2012, 09:24:39 pm »
You know what,... I haven't even looked at that,... sorry. I'll need to look at wikis that have charts and see how they're put together/formatted, then go to some sites on the standard resolutions and refresh rates for content to flesh it out...

Wiki / Re: New LinuxMCE Documentation
« on: September 29, 2012, 05:50:46 pm »
I agree with Posde. Deleting an article may remove useful information, however obscure. Marking them as obsolete is better.

A similar thing happened to the MythTV wiki some time ago. Out of date information was removed. Basically, that eliminated the only available documentation on a small handful of hardware pieces,... available anywhere. Once that kind of information is lost, it's pretty much lost for good... as in Library of Alexandria lost...

As far as I've seen, the Wiki has a variety of "skins" that can be applied, from the basic default, to different layout and color schemes. So, it seems like some "theme" work has already been done. And, most people expect a wiki to look/work much like Wikipedia, by default at least. So, that kind of thing doesn't seem, to me at least, to be too big a priority.

I think the key is better indexing/organization, followed by edits for readability/simplicity and organization within the articles. Among the things that need more clarity for new users from the outset are; Networking structure & how-to, Basic system architecture (how the various software pieces fit together), Simple step-by-step tutorials for the most basic functionality, and a possibly a table for hardware compatibility (with links to the relevant articles and how-tos). It might be helpful to grade articles in terms of technical level (something like; basic, intermediate, advanced, expert & developer).

Before I started working on something else, I did a few very basic edits (some basic readability/updating, and starting a glossary page). I can do some things in a spare moment, or two, as well. My plate is pretty full, but wiki editing is/can be kind of a mind clearing diversion...

Users / Re: Multiple Web Orbiters.
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:30:58 pm »
Ditto on Klovell's post,... I had done the same thing once (not on purpose, just skipped the step of creating the child device, and used the same one like he did).

Same ending as Klovell's too,... bad result. Had to delete and make new ones.

Users / Re: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation
« on: September 18, 2012, 04:05:06 am »
Not Z-wave...

You do realize that wireless signals are passing through your body constantly?! Radio, TV, Cell, Microwave, cosmic rays from the Big Bang, even?!

Z-wave isn't at the normal wifi frequncies by the way,... in the US it's a frequency close to baby monitors.

Users / Re: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation
« on: September 18, 2012, 12:00:54 am »
If you are looking for vendor links,...the two that come to mind are SmartHome & ASI Home. You can just do an internet search for either. SmartHome seems to have more available. ASI Home seems to have the occasional really good deal. I'm partial towards ASI Home because if I needed to, I could drive there on a Sat. afternoon... never needed to.

I prefer Z-wave. It's reasonably reliable in my opinion. Because of the mesh network it forms, the more stuff you have, the better it works. Obviously, it's wireless...

There's no lack of Z-wave door locks in the US, or lighting modules, or in-wall switches. But there are currently no Z-wave doorbells available in the US (only EU). Z-wave frequencies vary by the market location (US, EU & NZ).

Two things. Just remember that, with variac dimmer circuits, it means no non-dimmable CFLs and no ceiling fans on dimmers. If you want to control those, you need appliance module type modules. In-wall on/off switches (as opposed to dimmers) are more expensive. A motor on a variac can actually burn it out (the Mrs. did that to one of my dimmers). Also, don't skimp on Z-wave thermostats. You get what you pay for with those.

Still researching the issues with the xterm thing; standard NIS keyfile practices, LinuxMCE user/password creation & maintenance. Since I don't code and my shell scripting skills are rusty, it's taking longer than I wanted it to.

(re)Moving the inittab causes the AVWizard to spawn,... after re-selecting the appropriate settings, rebooted... Hung on reboot so I eventually did a cold boot,... I've seen that in the past, though unrelated to any changes with the latest update. After the cold boot, they sysyem asked to regen all MDs,... After bith MD and Core/Hybrid came up... All functions appear normal afterward...

Users / Re: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation
« on: September 17, 2012, 09:18:09 am »
Get quality Ethernet wiring throughout the house as step one,... with that,... you have a basis for everything else,... Most appliance/lighting control is not X10 stuff any longer... it's z-wave, zigbee, etc. ... wireless stuff... Anything with regards to electrical wiring is just a matter of having well grounded, correctly polarized electrical service delivery.

Having Wifi coverage is a matter of strategic placement of wireless access points. Having Ethernet wiring throughout the house helps there...

Z-wave stuff can be added as needed, a few items at a time,... many units are cost effective, in the $45-$75 range (except locks, which are about $200+ a piece). I don't know about other wireless automation tech... But I'm guessing a similar story...

If you want inexpensive hardware, that's one thing,... but,... don't skimp on the infrastructure (Ethernet wiring) ... With walls open, you have an advantage most of us do not...

I rebuilt the MDs wholesale after the upgrade of the core. So, the only technical problems, I can see, are the inittab, or some esoteric effect on non-supported resolutions... Phenigma says it's not the inittab... so... anyway...

The REAL problem isn't the technical side of things in getting it to work, ... If I divorce myself from all else that is happening I can handle it,... get it working, etc. ...

The REAL problem,... It's the "I can't stand your gadgets controlling everything!," affect I get from SWMBO & the kiddies, when I'm an absolute grouch when my [expletives deleted] doesn't work... I'm sure you know the feeling... I don't want somebody else divorcing themselves from me... Been through that once... Once! Believe it or not (you probably don't), the first one wasn't my fault, ... she suffered from OCD & bipolar, wouldn't continue meds or treatment,... and it was just time to throw in the towel (and every Douglas Adams fan knows that you are ALWAYS supposed to carry your towel)... ... TMI, I know...

Anyway, a scaled back system isn't all that bad,... less to worry about,... and more time to devote to trying to contribute the xterm feature ... and the permissions fixes that'll probably have to go along with it... This has stalled my research and work on that... not good.

I'll figure out the resolution stuff, eventually, ... If you are concerned from the standpoint of how it affects your work (loose end?!),... Please let me know... I'll investigate further ... time permitting ... But, for now,... back burner,... & probably my error(s) anyway...

Does the presence of the inittab file affect MD creation (carry over into the compressed file the diskless setup script generates)??? Could that be mucking up my two squirly MDs with odd resolutions and the AVwizard?

Core and Living Room MD are working fine. Well... after I wrested the Living room MD into submission on a separate resolution issue.

My Master Bedroom & Dining Room MDs are the ones with an unsupported resolution. Had it working before upgrade, but changing the Resolutions.conf and the to reflect those resolutions isn't working in getting me to the AVWizard... Just black-screens out on me when trying. I can't tell if this related to this issue or not. (Note: I get AVwizard on creation, just no decent, usable resolutions, and then can't get back to the AVWizard reliably).

If this inittab thing is the likely issue, then I'll give that a shot,... but otherwise, or if nobody's sure, I'll just pull 'em off the system, at least for now. I could always put them back on later, and they're not really getting used, anyway (low WAF factor from SWMBO). Plus it'd give me experience in getting LinuxMCE media file access to other systems on the network.

Installation issues / Re: PC as Media Director (PXE)
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:46:44 pm »
My core/hybrid (the one without an xorg.conf) ... AVWizardOveride = 0
Again that machine is a 1004 net install, updated.

All other machines tested to date do run the AVwizard when the xorg.conf is missing.

Note also,...

I adjusted the resolutions.conf to enable 1360x768 & 1366x768 resolutions for one of my Sanyo TVs,... After deleting the xorg.conf and going into the AVwizardmand selecting the resolution, what I got was 1280x720,... and after manually editing the xorg.conf, I was left with on-screen Orbiters that would not adjust their size, after attempting a full regen. (Web Admin confirmed resolution Imwas looking for).

Maybe I'm forgetting something I did the first time around, when I had first gotten it working, months ago & prior to update...

PS edit: The needs to be edited too [ ... does face-palm ...] ... I HATE Sanyo TVs...

I'll look into running the checks, but as far as forcing the AVwizard,... Right now I'll take a pass,... it seems... inordinately well behaved... curious... Can't put my finger on it,... but it seems snappier, and less quirky than before... Maybe just psychological... I have no metrics to offer,... just anecdotal... I'd rather take readings on it right now if you don't mind... I don't want to change it just yet...

Update on the MD end,... The AVwizard failed to present a suitable first selection screen for video resolution on my primary MD,... Also Intel, a GMA3150, I believe,... Video output is to VGA (adapter from DVI port) to a Sanyo 42" TV w/ VGA input... I had to drop out to KDE desktop, use its (xrandr?) resolution settings to move to the auto-detected 1920x1080, open a terminal window, delete the default xorg.conf, ... reboot,... and only then was I presented with usable AVwizard screens... Had to do that the very first time I set up that machine though on my original 1004 net install... Don't know if it's quirky hardware... PITA,... but I have non-standard hardware,... I guess I need to expect a little of this...

If you want any logs from that machine,... let me know which/what/when/how...


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