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Installation issues / VIA Micro ATX motherboard install issues
« on: January 23, 2009, 01:55:50 am »
Anyone have any install issues when using a VIA Micro ATX MB as a MD? I bought a VIA board with a 1 GHz processor and its acting flaky. I upped the RAM to a GIG but it still acts weird when trying to use the S-Video or composite out video signal. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm setting up this system for a friend of mine, I have to use either the HDMI or the analog because he doesn't have a Receiver. Th optical output works great...I had it working on my receiver while I was building the system. I never tested the HDMI or Analog out puts because...silly me...I thought everyone had a I will try the "un-muting" suggestions and let everyone know how it works out. Again, thank you all, VERY MUCH, for your help.

Thank you for the HDMI help. Has anyone had any problems with the analog audio for this board? I figured I would take the easy way out and just use the analog sound. Any help would be appreciated.

Has any one got the HDMI audio to work with the Abit AN-M2HD mother board? I've read that new Realtek drivers should be downloaded and installed.....but there has been a lot of talk about the install not working with Ubuntu based OSs. Anyone, anyone...Bueller, Bueller? Thanks.

Installation issues / Enableing Remote Assistance
« on: January 13, 2009, 03:59:58 am »
Hopeing for some help. I am trying to enable remote assistance on my core server. I went to the Web Admin -> security -> outside access. I checked the boxes for port 80 and set up access for port 3080...I haven't checked the port 22 box. Once I click update, the screen refreshes and shows that the remote assistance boxes have changed. Once I click on "enable", the system just hangs there. I've tried it from the orbiter menu, same thing. I tried it from the KDE desktop, same thing. Has any one seen this. I have tight VNC and puTTY, neither of them work. I think its two separate issues.

Abit AN-M2HD m.b.
AMD athalon 64 processor
2 GB ram
Sony DVD rw
Hoppauge HVR-1800
Gig Eth card
Fiire Remote

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