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Users / Re: Lightning/climate/security
« on: January 19, 2010, 09:36:55 am »
I am planning a major reconstruction of an older house...

In this case, I would look at KNX.


I looked at the specs of the Denon 1910 and couldn't find anything about a rs232 interface.
How do you control the receiver?


Hi, I think you have to move up to the 2310 to get the RS232 interface. Reasonable price on that one as well I would say.


...and speaking of receivers...
I have plasma in my livingroom and I'm planning to add a projector as well. I will not have the need to use the plasma and the projector at the same time as the screen will cover the plasma... I just want to be able to choose either the plasma or the projector.

How can this be solved?

There are receivers with 2 HDMI out but they are few and expensive. Imho, the one with best value for money is the Marantz 6004. Not sure if it can be controled by LinuxMCE though.

Are there other options?
Some sort of controlable HDMI-switch perhaps?
Graphic board with 2 x HDMI out?
HDMI + DVI out from MD?

Or is there an obvious simple solution that I just don't see...?


Users / Re: MD?? - Packard Bell imax mini c2900
« on: July 29, 2009, 04:31:54 pm »

Its an OEM variant of the ACER Revo ;-)


Aah, that explains the similarity...

But this one (c2900) actually comes with 2 GB Ram and NVIDIA Ion...


Users / MD?? - Packard Bell imax mini c2900
« on: July 29, 2009, 12:50:59 pm »
Here is an interesting MD (mabye?) from Packard Bell.ära/imax-mini/imax+mini+c2900+NCD/productsheet-PT.U310Y.009-1811.html

Only in swedish, corresponding model on the UK-site is named c2600 for some reason...

However, this one is sold for approx. 285 Euro.

Interesting price if it meets the requirements.


Users / Re: Problem with bash-dce-knx
« on: May 16, 2009, 03:20:51 pm »
it is a DCE wrapper around eibd. Regarding the author it is bi-directional, but I could not verify it as I have no KNX hardware. We need to integrate the patch(es) from that mantis ticket into the 0810 devel branch.

This is the devel thread of the eibd based driver:

It is based on the existing template, so we should be able to compile it as 1:1 replacement for the shipped driver. I'm just looking at the old mantis bug tracking to collect the needed pieces.

br, Hari

Ok, I have to admit that there are parts of this that is greek to me... But I will start with the core and then work on from there.
I'm following this with great interest, it would be fantastic to get this to run smoothly with KNX.

br, Jbr

Users / Re: Problem with bash-dce-knx
« on: May 13, 2009, 12:39:56 am »
Thank you for your replies, Andrew and Hari.

Since I already have an IP-KNX gateway it would be nice to be able to hook up Linux MCE via it. (even though a SIM-KNX isn't that expensive...)

Hari, I'm definitely interested in your solution. But, as I wrote earlier, I've just started looking at Linux MCE so I do have some work/reading that has to done...

Would you care to briefly describe how this setup works and what kind of functionally that can be achieved? Is the communication and are the functions fully bi-directional?

Regards, Jbr

Users / Re: Problem with bash-dce-knx
« on: May 12, 2009, 11:58:04 am »

When we implement bash-dce-knx that will talk directly to the KNX-EIB bus using the the BCUSDK ( See ) allowing us to read/write to the bus directly using an IP-KNX gateway...

I have KNX in my house and are looking at LinuxMCE with great interest. I do the programming with ETS via an IP-KNX gateway but I still don't have anything intelligent running the system (in other words a computer for timers, sceneries, web-interface etc.)

I do find 1500-2000£ to expensive for the systems from Merten, Gira etc. which just are basic computers with a small toch-screen and a user friendly software...
So, Linux MCE would of course be a nice and competent solution.

So, since my KNX-system is already  a part of my network at home, Is there a qualified guess for when there might be a solution for running the KNX-system from Linux MCE over a IP-KNX gateway?
No promises, just an educated guess...  ;)

Rgds. Jbr

Users / Re: Problem with bash-dce-knx
« on: April 06, 2009, 11:56:32 am »
Hi rages,

I have recently installed KNX in my house and I'm considering trying the LinuxMCE.

Pls let us know how you find LinuxMCE together with KNX (if you get it to work...  ;))


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