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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Use Google Contacts
« on: October 05, 2010, 10:28:49 am »
Thanks for keeping up on this, los93sol.
This is something I'd like to help with but my time has gone under severe crunch and I won't have enough time to be useful until later this year/early next year.
At that time, I'll check in with you, john14paul80, and see if I can't lend some support.


I was experiencing the same problem and did the following as a temporary workaround:

1) Launch
2) Click on the keys and wrench icon at the top of the screen
3) Select the Media Director in question from the drop down on the top right
4) Scroll down to: Global DELETE Delete
5) Change the text field from D to something else on your remote that is not in use.  I used *
6) If you have MythTV running on your MD, shut it off, relaunch, and test!


Users / Re: troubleshoot : system hangs need help
« on: July 22, 2010, 02:34:16 am »
I had a similar issue that I was able to trace back to the video card.
If you have onboard video, try taking out your 8800GT and seeing if the system runs without crashing.
Whatever the case, it is most likely hardware/heat related.

I just got an incoming number working with and am getting it set up.

One problem that I am experiencing is that if I place an outside call in to LinuxMCE and wait until it goes to the prompts, the system will not recognize any of my touch tone inputs.
I have tried from two different cell phones.
I do not have a landline to test this from.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I'm on a fully updated and recent snapshot.


After digging around and looking at settings recommended by my VoIP provider (, I was able to fix this issue by doing the following:
1) Launch FreePBX (From the WebAdmin, Advanced/Configuration/Phones Setup)
2) Select Trunks
3) Select the Trunk in question
4) Under Incoming Settings/USER Details, change:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]

The script has been modified to reflect the above changes and submitted for inclusion.

After many hours, MD rebuilds, various ALSA version installs, and much gnashing of teeth, I have resolved this issue by running my audio directly to my receiver and not through the TV first.
Though I am still at a loss as to why the TV isn't passing an audio signal when the screen is on LinuxMCE/Kubuntu but yet will pass it when the screen is on another terminal ultimately, who cares as long as it works?
Maybe my experience will help someone in the future.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Use Google Contacts
« on: July 20, 2010, 02:29:24 am »
Any updates on this?
How far along did you make it los93sol?

I'm having a weird issue with my audio that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere.

Computer at issue is an MD with an MCP51 onboard sound card (SigmaTel STAC9227).
When running the AV Wizard I get no sound.  While the test sound file is playing, I CAN hear it if I switch to any other terminal; tty2, tty3, etc...
Upon completing the AV Wizard and running the MD, which runs perfectly other than this issue, the same problem persists.  For example, if I launch MythTV I have no sound but as soon as I switch to another terminal, I can hear the MythTV Audio.
KDE Desktop exhibits the same symptoms.
I have had this specific computer working

Here's where it gets even weirder.
I have another MD with the same hardware and I don't have this issue.  The only hardware difference is that on the non-working MD, I have added in a nVidia 8400 graphics card.
The ONLY difference that I can find between the two is that when I pull up Alsamixer and hit F2, I can see that on the working MD I am running ALSA Version 1.0.17.  On the non-working MD, it shows that Alsa Version 1.0.23 is running AND that it was compiled for kernel 2.6.27-17-generic.
Why would these two identical MDs have different ALSA versions?  I have not manually changed ALSAs at all.  Furthermore, could this version difference explain this bizarre scenario?

Any and all help/pointers are greatly appreciated!

Users / Changing PK_Users Setting on existing RAID with media
« on: December 12, 2009, 06:45:42 am »
I have a RAID 5 on my Core.  It was initially set up under 7.10.  Since the upgrade to 8.10, the PK_Users has been changed to Public and the Filesystem is being reported as cifs. 

I would like to change the PK_Users setting to "Use LMCE's Directory Structure" but I wanted to know if this is going to affect my existing media on that RAID. 

As stated, it was originally set up under 7.10 and as such, it is configured with the normal public|user/data/etc... LMCE directory structure.  The array is currently symlink'ed from /home/public/data/other/Software Raid [35].

Also, why is LMCE seeing this drive as having a filesystem of cifs?  Is this going to negatively affect any part of the system?  I haven't noticed anything odd that might be attributed to this...  A "df -T" shows that the filesystem is ext3.

Any help/advice/comments is/are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!


Developers / Re: TRAC?
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:32:50 pm »
You can still get to it by going to:


Users / Re: Mythtv problems in 810 beta
« on: November 04, 2009, 07:17:23 am »
I had a similar problem in that when I would click on the TV scenario, it would try to load and then dump me back to the orbiter after a bith without displaying any TV.  In my case it was due to the MythTV packages being loaded from both the Ubuntu and Avenard repositories after a fresh install.  To see if this is your issue, run:

Code: [Select]
apt-cache showpkg mythtv-frontend
If it returns two separate listings, one from Ubuntu and one from Avenard, then you have found your issue. 

Also, using this command, you can check to make sure that you have the correct version installed.  You want version 0.21 at least until a new version of pluto-mythtv-player comes out.  Check this on your core and your MD's and also check both the frontend and the backend:
Code: [Select]
apt-cache showpkg mythtv-backendAnd maybe libmyth too (don't remember if I needed to change this one...)
Code: [Select]
apt-cache showpkg libmyth-0.21-0
Next, simply remove all instances of MythTV packages:
Code: [Select]
apt-get remove --purge mythtv*
apt-get remove --purge pluto-mythtv*

And then reinstall:
Code: [Select]
apt-get install mythtv*
apt-get install pluto-mythtv*

Also, if libmyth was the wrong version, uninstall the libmyth-0.22-0 and install the libmyth-0.21.-0.  If your issue is that all of your MythTV packages are 0.22, then run the above steps after removing "testing" from your Avenard repo.

If this works for you, please add it to the wiki.  I was going to but it seemed like I was the only one having this issue...


Occasionally, I've noticed that the repositories will go down for a spell.  I was just trying to update my Karmic Koala (kubuntu 9.10) on my laptop last night and some of the repositories were down.  The failure from "" is no surprise as its supposed to be "  No worries though because if you take a took at your sources.list, its in there both correctly and incorrectly.  I just # that section out on mine to avoid that error.  It shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that your on a MD now and it worked fine on the core - coincidence.  Here's my sources.list:
Code: [Select]
deb intrepid  release
deb file:/usr/pluto/deb-cache/ ./
deb intrepid  main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src intrepid  main restricted universe multiverse
deb intrepid-updates  main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src intrepid-updates  main restricted universe multiverse
deb intrepid-security  main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src intrepid-security  main restricted universe multiverse
deb intrepid  lmce-alpha-latest lmce-alpha-latest-updates
deb stable  main
deb intrepid  free non-free
#deb intrepid  main universe multiverse
#deb universe  main non-free contrib
deb 20dev_ubuntu  main
deb replacements_debian  main

Your basic issue seems to be that X isn't starting.  You should be able to get X going without the upgraded Nvidia drivers.  You just won't have VDPAU support (if you card supports it) and you'll want to run UI1.
To get you going, log in as root on the MD ( and run:
Code: [Select]
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorgThis should generate a valid enough Xorg.conf to get the A/V Wizard running.  To test, from the terminal run:
Code: [Select]
XAnd an x window system should start
Once you are able to get your Nvidia drivers, run:
Code: [Select]
nvidia-xconfigThat will get you an Xorg.conf with better graphic support.  After you have a new Xorg.conf, always re-run your A/V Wizard.


Installation issues / Re: beta-problem with MD
« on: October 25, 2009, 07:27:27 am »
well, about my screensaver problem- it only occurs if the kde-desktop has been used prior to watching anything. In my case I just used my windows orbiter to regenerate the onscreen orbiter, because that seemed to be the easiest way for me to get it back

Did you get your screensave issue resolved? If not, next time you're in KDE, just hit Kickoff, go to System Settings, Desktop, and then under Screen Saver, uncheck Start Automatically.

Installation issues / Re: Setting up Core – MDs.
« on: October 24, 2009, 09:36:46 am »
This might be a moot point for you guys by now but I thought I would share that I had and fixed the same problem.
I went into /tftpboot/MD# and found that the symlinks for initrd.img and vmlinuz were broken.  I traced these over to /usr/pluto/diskless/MD#/boot and there, initrd.img and vmlinuz were linked to initrd.img-2.6.27-15-generic and vmlinuz-2.6.27-15-generic respectively.  The problem is that they should have been pointing to 2.6.27-14, and not 15.  So, I fixed the links with a simple:
Code: [Select]
ln -s -f /usr/pluto/diskless/MD#/boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-14-generic initrd.imgI did the same for vmlinuz and this issue was no longer an issue!
Now, to figure out why this occurred on a MD that was functioning just fine...
I have my suspicions that when I rebuilt a disk image through the web admin for another MD, it somehow caused this problem.

Installation issues / Re: The beta installer IS BROKEN
« on: October 23, 2009, 11:30:55 pm »
The Internet installation worked just fine for me.
The only issue I had after installation was getting my mythtv fixed and my diskless md's up and running.
I'll post instructions for those two issues on the Beta and MythTV wiki sometime today.


Users / Re: Anybody have a working MD in Beta?
« on: October 23, 2009, 11:14:52 pm »
I had this problem with one of my MD's as well.  All I did to get past it was:
Code: [Select]
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorgThis generates an Xorg.conf that should work enough to get the MD setup.  From there, I was able to get through the A/V wizard, select UI1.  Once that was all good, I got back to a terminal, installed the Nvidia drivers that I needed, and then ran:
Code: [Select]
nvidia-xconfigto generate a new Xorg.conf.
Re-run the A/V wizard and you're done!

You shouldn't need to update the drivers on your core to do any of this...


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