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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply. It appears that my download was bad.  :'(  So I have to try again. Only another couple hours to go.....


OK, I finally downloaded the DVD version of linuxmce rc2.  I burned to disc and put in a pc with a blank HDD. I get the message "could not find kernel image: linux"  Now I have no experience with linux. Was I supposed to install Kubuntu first!??  I didn't think I did with the DVD version......

Sorry for a totally silly question.


Users / Re: Do dedicated cores have to use Nvidia video?
« on: November 12, 2008, 10:23:46 pm »
Thanks Andrew. I wasn't sure of the limitations of ATI under LMCE. So I won't have a problem using it, just that it probably won't be capable of alpha blending etc?

Users / Re: Do dedicated cores have to use Nvidia video?
« on: November 12, 2008, 07:09:58 am »
OK thanks for that.  Just wanted to make sure..

Users / Do dedicated cores have to use Nvidia video?
« on: November 11, 2008, 09:30:24 pm »
Just wondering, if the core isn't used for video playback does it matter if it uses ati onboard graphics?  I have an MA78GPM-DS2H that I would like to use.

But the MD will have Nvidia 8200 onboard video.



Users / Re: mATX motherboard with HDMI_SPDIF header
« on: November 11, 2008, 12:16:39 pm »
I have a gigabyte  GA-MA78GPM-DS2H and GA-M78SW-S2H. While both of these boards have HDMI and DVI ports. I was able to send audio to my TV via a DVI to HDMI adapter plug. I wasn't actually trying to get sound, and was suprised to hear it. But I can confirm that it is possible!

I have to say this was while using Vista MCE.

Hope this helps.


Users / Re: Help and advice for Aussie setup?
« on: November 11, 2008, 12:28:38 am »
Hi colinjones, thanks for your reply. Since I posted I looked further into the blu-ray issue. I see there are problems that probably won't get solved soon. Not really an issue I guess. I have a dedicated projector HTPC with PDVD. I just thought it would be nice to take advantage of BD if possible.

I'm used to getting xml guide data. Been doing it for years with beyondTV. Not that I like doing it though!  I rather the over air guide that is available. (I'm lazy)

As far as mobos go. I have an 8200 gigabyte that is compatible, but only has two PCIs. I guess I can get by on 1 Nova-t500 and pvr150. But I then have to get a pcix networkcard, which don't come cheap, relatively speaking.

OK, so the i386 is the way to go. Thanks. I also found the fix for the usbuirt too, thanks.

Sorry for the use of the word "extender"  :-[  I have been set straight now!  ;D

Shodanho, thanks for your input. Good to know it now works with mythTV. Do you know if you can clone guide data to channels?  BTW  I am a shodanho too!

Has anyone got an austar epg working right?


Users / Re: Australian LMCE users.....
« on: November 10, 2008, 08:33:28 pm »

I'm in country SA. Been using BeyondTV for years, and lately Vista MCE. LinuxMCE looks like it does what I want.  Although I have asked for a little help on another thread in this forum. Hope one of you more experienced users could take a look.


Users / Re: Help and advice for Aussie setup?
« on: November 10, 2008, 11:23:52 am »
Forgot to mention that I have an nvidia 7600gs and ATI HD2400pro that I could use. But then not sure thats really needed on the core machine thats not being used for video itself.

Other item I forgot to mention was the DVD player. But I intend on using the LG H20 Blu-ray/HD DVD drive.

Users / Help and advice for Aussie setup?
« on: November 10, 2008, 10:51:37 am »
Hi All,

First post!

I've had a HTPC in some form for about 8 years. About 4 years ago I started using BeyondTV, and have been very happy with it. But it doesn't support DVB-T. I have been waiting for the homerun T version, so I could finally have digital. But alas, it seems the snapstream guys are not going in the direction I would have liked. And any media centre options now don't look like happening.

Over the last few months I have also played around with Vista MCE. Pretty much unimpressed with it. Actually I hate it generally.

Soooooo, now I read about linuxMCE, and watched the videos. You have my attention!!  ;)

But to say I have no experience with Linux is an understatement.

I have started to read everything I can, but before I potentially waste my time, can some of you more experienced users give me some advice please?

What I want.

!. I want to be able to watch my movies, blu-ray, DVD,images and xvids in two separate rooms, at 1920x1080, preferably with HDMI. Not necessarily at the same time though.

2. Be able to listen to music on either of these two TVs also.

3. Able to control some lighting in the house. Fairly simple on/off dim with PLCBUS.

4. Be able to use my programmable prontos to control each PC separately.

5. Capture DTV and Austar (satellite) and have a program guide for both.

6. Be able to watch live TV on both TVs at the same time.

OK, onto the hardware I have and don't have.

1. Hauppauge PVR150

2. USB UIRT x2

3. WD 500gb drives x 2

Items I intend to buy

1. Hauppauge Nova T500 x2

2. AMD 4850e cpu

3. 2 gig ram

Things I need help selecting!

1. Motherboard with at least 3 pci slots.

2. PCIex network card

3. Two extenders, preferably small and quiet, if not silent. Fiire invisible?  Must of course be able to do all the above.

Oh another question.

Which download do I get???  The AMD64 or i386??  I read that the usbuirt doesn't work with the i386 install. So does that mean I have to use the amd64 version? Or should I be using that anyway??  Bit lost on this one.



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