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Users / 'headless' operation freezes system
« on: November 28, 2008, 10:46:23 pm »
Built a hybrid, then operating it as core only. My system config has a couple other boxes going thru a trendnet kvm. I had the core up, then switched to my other main computer via the kvm. Sometime later, when I wanted to check the core (I'm working out how to setup my network with the core as dhcp svr) I got no response. Couldn't ping it, couldn't ssh into it. Now I don't have any MD's on the system, so the core really didn't have anything to do. I have also noticed that when the screensaver is on, I have to use an arrow button to 'wake it up' not the mouse. In fact, using either the mouse or 'shift ' key before an arrow key also does not get me out of the screensaver.

The biggest thing is having the core freeze up as it eventually will route web traffic to my other box. Any 'headless' experience out there? And I don't think it's the Mobo either, as I've had other *buntus on it w/o a freeze up.

Installation issues / Re: Net Boot issues
« on: November 14, 2008, 09:58:23 pm »
Thank you Krys!  I did switch the eth cards as you suggested. The core rebooted ok but I'm still getting the same msg - transmit timed out. Cash poor for a while so until I can get a proper MD built, I'm just experimenting step be step to get something going. Suggestions welcome!

Installation issues / Re: Net Boot issues
« on: November 14, 2008, 08:40:51 pm »
Noobie here! Installed the core onto an AMD box running an old G200 video card. Had problems initially until I found a driver on the Nvidia site and installed it. So far ok. I'm trying to test out the netboot side with a Toshiba laptop. Now I'm not at all 100% sure that I had set up the room/user/device properly. That's one area of documentation that is pretty vague, not to mention I'm pretty dense. In looking at reply #2, where it's mentioned that looking in /usr/pluto/diskless for a file, I don't even have a diskless dir.

The laptop, does see the IP and seems to start, but at the 20s mark, while I get the msg: eth0:link up:100Mbps:full-duplex:lpa 0x41E1, which looks good. Then 20s later: NETDEV:WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out, this then repeats at ever increasing time intervals.

I have started Kubuntu from the CD on that laptop w/o issues, so I'm thinking that there must be something else, but I don't think, from what I've read on this thread, that it's a NIC problem. The laptop seems to pick up unless that's a display indicating where it's coming from. So if that's the case it may well be a NIC issue of the driver.

my local net -- eth1-CORE
laptop --------- eth0--^

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