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Compatible Products & Services / Re: HCL
« on: October 14, 2008, 09:22:40 pm »
I'm no expert on LMCE (in fact, I'm a KnoppMyth user) however there are certain things I've seen in communities from time to time.

Thom is frustrated with the lack of apparent willingness for users to contribute to the project. A place I can completely identify with. While you might be right that lashing out doesn't help, neither does complaining.

You can be a complete newbie and still post to the wiki that "LMCE version X.Y failed to recognize my [Vendor Name] [Model Name] sound card." It may not seem like it's much help, but it's a start, and remember, nothing in any wiki is ever set in stone. If it's inaccurate, change it later.

You can be a complete newbie and still post to the forums, "I tried to do XYZ and I expected ABC to occur, but instead DEF happened, and that's not desirable. What information do you need from me next?" instead of "XYZ doesn't work, I thought this thing just worked out of the box, what's your problem?"

I've been involved in my fair share of OSS projects as both a developer and as a user. There is absolutely no good that will ever come out of telling someone that their project sucks, or that they don't work fast enough, or that they wish ABC hardware was supported. There are constructive and destructive ways to contribute to a project. Thom contributes far more constructive than destructive. If the same can't be said for you, you need to rethink your position.

bblboy54 posted that he's been working on LMCE for a month, and had problems, and that he would "give feedback into the community" but I see 4 posts, three complaining without any useful detail and one asking for help with a problem. If that problem was ever solved, why isn't there a "SOLVED: problem with foo" post in reply to that thread for the next person to deal with a similar issue? Even if bblboy54 is choosing not to use the LMCE product, that doesn't mean he can't contribute what he learned from his time working on it. This is community. And many users don't get that at all.

Thom and the others, keep up the good work. I'm sure you put as much energy into this project as you can spare, and while it's not a project of personal interest to me at this time, I do see it is a very interesting project and one with a lot of potential.

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