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Marketplace / Re: New web store for European Users....
« on: August 06, 2009, 02:17:41 am »

I really do like your idea for the website. I am interested in doing the same in Canada, where did you find these specific suppliers and such.

Also I was going to add that you should include on your website some package systems, for people to order not just specific items but have a whole room setup or something like that. I was thinking you should maybe have some demo system setups, showing a diagram that includes a core and some media stations, and you could have a list of items required to setup accordingly. So you could set it up as a package. The newbies would really look into it and those are the people whom are really unaware of the types of products they should get because there is so much out there. I just think that would get you more sales.

Well anyways, let me know your thoughts.

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