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Installation issues / newbie having external hardrive issues on Linuxmce
« on: October 01, 2008, 07:55:19 pm »

i think for the next few months till i work out linux i will be living in these forums. :)

question running linuxmce thru kubutu run a pc i have in my room behind my plasma to power it using the connecters vga. only using it as a test case, as i ulimatlely want to build a singing and dancing media box but i wont run b4 i can walk  and it took me 8 attempts at installing this first of so i will be crawling for a while

scenerio i have a weston digital 1tb external hardrive plugged into my router (downstairs) i want to be able to see it access it etc etc (upstairs) where the main Linuxmce is .. i have another pc downstairs which isnt conneced with linux.

soooo i need to know how to connect my WD to me upstairs i am sat looking on numerous wiki.linux sites.. but its not very clear...

i just need a Idiots guide to making it work.. i have 700GB of tv shows and movies i cant access and still having to use my naff xbox xtender to look at it..

so  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee help me :)

if you need to pls add me to msn its

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