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Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: July 08, 2008, 10:40:15 am »
Hi Guys,

Feisty kubuntu live CD does boot up - I may not have made that quite clear.  It's when I run the actual install from the live desktop that kubuntu CD install fails.

If so, try running memtest for a few hours.
Running now using the memtest that comes with the LinuxMCE DVD.

Maybe try another liveCD/DVD linux distro, preferable a current release (the MB looks about a generate back from bleeding edge so should have good support in current releases).  What we are wanting is some warm fuzzy the the basics are working (power, cpu, memory, video, dvd) under linux.
I'm downloading kubuntu Gutsy and Hardy.  I figure that if (say) Gutsy doesn't work but Hardy does then we'll have a better pointer - and my download limit resets tomorrow  ;D

You've given me a few other good pointers - thanks - with only limited evening hours it'll take me a couple of days to work through this lot, I'll post an update as soon as I have something conclusive or I'm at the end of this list.


Installation issues / Re: Issues with 0710 RC
« on: July 08, 2008, 05:20:22 am »
I'm joining a little late, I know. 

I've built 2 systems and had completely different experiences installing RC2 on each.  My test system just worked - little bit of tinkering with the TV card but that was minor.   My new system is just not happening at all - I've had loads of attempts to install and it's just not getting there.  I'd love to be able to give specifics about the error, but each time it stops in a different location, sometimes with an error (occasionally a kernel panic), sometimes just hanging - I give it at least 30 minutes each time just to be sure it's hung and not just thinking about it.

The frustrating thing for me is that whilst it installed beautifully on my test HTPC this hardware is just that bit too noisy and so is due for reassignment once the new, quieter system is up & running.  The spec's of each are below:

System Spec - New, Not Installing System:
Case SilverStone LC16M
Motherboard GigaByte GA-P31-DS3L
CPU Intel E6750, Core Duo, 2.66GHz (not o/c)
RAM Corsair 2GB DDR2 1066MHz (o/c by Corsair) Twin2x2048-8500 2 x 1GB cards
Graphics GigaByte Nvidia 9600GT, 512 MB DDR3, Fanless
TV Hauppauge Nova-T-500
DVD Pioneer 215 / BK, SATA, 1.5 Gbps
HDD Seagate 500GB, ST3500320AS, SATA II, 3.0 Gbps

System Spec - Test, Working System:
Case WinX mid-tower, nothing special
Motherboard ASUS P5B
CPU Intel E2160, Core Duo, 1.80GHz (not o/c)
RAM Kingston 2GB, 667MHz (not o/c)
Graphics generic Nvidia 7300GS, 128MB
TV Leadtek WinFast DTV1000 T
HDD Seagate 160GB, ST3160815AS, SATA II, 3.0 Gbps

Things I've tried - in various combinations:
  • burned a second 7.10 RC2 DVD at 4x
  • underclock CPU to 2GHz
  • underclock RAM to 800MHz
  • swap graphics card from test system into new system
  • restrict HDD to SATA, 1.5 Gbps
  • change SATA connections so HDD & DVD on same / different PATA IDE-equivalent channels
  • disconnect all case-specific things, incl. iMON display, card readers, front audio, front audio buttons
  • add an extra NIC, an old 10/100 Netgear
  • install kubuntu 7.04 - failed, I generally try this & linuxmce 7.10 RC2 with each of the above
  • install ubuntu 7.10 - failed
  • install WinXP - worked
NB: When installing kubuntu 7.04, it starts & runs from the CD but hangs during install - generally, but not always, during file copy and rarely at the same % complete.  Could it be I need to solve this first ??

Any suggestions ?


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