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Users / Re: Home door video phone
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:18:54 pm »
the doorcom is not hard to wire in

I thought it would be, especially since it is supposed to transmit picture as well. For that reason I'd like to find a vendor that would use some kind of open standards and "still" make a good design and durable products. Such device (which there probably isn't anyway) could be supported by LinuxMCE in the future, am I right?

Users / Home door video phone
« on: July 08, 2008, 04:57:22 am »
Hi all, I was wondering, are there any home door video-phones that could be supported by LinuxMCE eventually?

I will probably go with Ritto "video intercom system". They use interface called TwinBus but I have not found anywhere it would use some kind of open standard or computer connectivity. Twinbus:

Do you have tips for any other products? I just wish I could use my door video-phone with LinuxMCE once.

I do believe you. I guess it must be hard to force them under a new interface.
What will be the Playstation emulator in charge? PCSX?

It would be great if one would:
  • be able to play Playstation games upon inserting game disc (or loading it from database)
  • simply connect Dual Shock 3 or Wiimote etc.
  • be able to launch games from unified interface be it native Linux/Playstation or other games and play them through thin clients (unforeseen!)

There are mature emulators out there. Even Playstation 2 emulation is possible (less mature) on strong hardware. PCSX emulating Playstation 1 on the other hand should not even need original BIOS file.

Marketplace / Where can I learn what is "safe to buy"?
« on: July 01, 2008, 03:25:08 am »
Hi all, I have not started building my "media/entertainment" room yet and would like to be pointed in safe direction. After watching 0704 video I found that the project must have progressed much since the last time I checked.

Nonetheless I am very confused: what guidelines should I follow in order to equip myself with compatible media receiver, alarm panel, set top box, etc. Where do I find these information?

How do I know whether my cable set top box will work with LMCE? It does not have RS232, but there is one USB. (Would the RS232 by itself mean it would work?)

How do I know whether an alarm panel will communicate with LMCE or will it work only with Apex or DSC? I have never heard of those brands here in Czech Republic (is it and

I wish such info could be easily accessed from the front page.

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