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I was able to install ubuntu and kde but not the install of linuxmce anyone have any ideas.


Ok i have tried the CD and DVD versions same error above. Hmm i am for a loss.

Now downloading ubuntu and see if it installs.

Installation issues / ERROR: I/O failure while coping from the DVD
« on: May 17, 2008, 05:15:03 am »
Ok i have tried 3 cd and still cant get this to work if anyone has ideas please help.

Coping DVD to hard drive
then it gets to

cp: reading `/cdrom/lmce-image/./firstboot': Input/output error
cp: reading `/cdrom/lmce-image/./linux-mce.tar.gz_00': Imput/output error

ERROR: I/O failure while coping from the DVD

I am running an intel board DG9650T using onboard sound and Graphics.  Tuner card is an AVerMedia Ultra TB 1500 MCE. Harddrive is sata.

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