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Installation issues / Re: 810 setup - repository errors
« on: September 17, 2009, 08:44:44 pm »
Hello pigdog,

I also do not understand yet (because I had not yet the time to go deeply into the scripts)
but up to point 12 everything is ok
even the ./  runs without problems.

problem starts with ./
after manual problem solving (it seems to be mainly networking issue)

the    ./  again is ok

- Peter

Installation issues / Re: 810 setup - repository errors
« on: September 16, 2009, 08:59:49 pm »
my problem is solved
with a lot of manual steps

I also found the proxy entry to be one reason why the setup failed.
then pluto orbiter was missing

so I disabled the network settings in the mce-install script and restarted it

then manual cleanup of device list

that's in short how I made my core running fine

what I did not do is the update to a2.35 as I saw some messages that the orbiter problem reappeared



That sounds good

I think in both cases it is that the setup could not go to end.

The Mythtv made troubles here as well , but after several tries it reset the backend since then ok



Updated to previous post:

Now after manual install of Nvidia drivers (proprietary 180) and rerun of AVWizard
UI2 without alpha is running (didn't ry Alpha as it is not so important on the Core
But with standard nv driver MythTV was SlowMotion

All  devices up and fine also Orbiter is not complaining about the issue.

Now going to MD
This is an old NB with Radeon Mobility RV250 (9000) GPU

On boot setup runs , Orbiter generated (also checked parallel on WebAdmin) AvWizard failed
driver fglrx is not working with this old GPU
have to use radeon
after selecting RADEON on Webadmin for this MD
driver vesa is used
X is starting up
also AvWizard I could run
Result:  BLACK SCREEN WITH MOUSE POINTER  (and Orbiter Devices not showing up in Spawn file /usr/pluto/lock/

modprobe drm and radeon
depmod -a
putting an exit into Xconfigure (see wiki)

starting - no x

so I went on with
sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx
sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri

xorg.conf stays untouched
X is starting
and now Setup Video was started.......

after running through
Orbiter Regen is visible and then black screen with mouse pointer

But few seconds later -------- ORBITER is ON :-))))))))) and all devices as well (UI2 without Alpha)

So finally I can say for me it was a non clean installation of the video driver
(But maybe some dev made something during the last hours  :-)  but I think Thom was going to bed)

so now I still have to change the overlay screen and then I'm done


this brings us back to my first idea of xorg :-(
so maybe you check and google around to see for more details on your GPU and which driver is best
in any case check also the DISPLAY=:0.0 glxinfo |grep vendor
and make a clean uninstall of any previous driver



After a Nightmare installation my core is up again.
Just UI1 but at least up.

I had issues on installation
After Kubuntu8.1 Aptidute and install_from_repo (this was all fine - didn't log into KDM only console)
I ran mce-installer
Now here the trouble started.
Error : package pluto-orbiter not found
package was available - don't know why it could not find it
After hours of trying I found that the setup is messing around with network interfaces
(yes I have 2 nics )
whatever I did (changing eth0 and eth1 or  just cables) It always stopped there.
Disabled network setup in mce-install and run again - a lot of erreors complaining not beeing able to write to log
but at least it installed everything.
On start it could not connect to the DCERouter so I had to clean up the devices (many double entries)
Had to correct the Database Device for Nic ETH1 as it was in with {Extif} - IMHO some parsing error of the install script

Now setting up MythTV :-)

The Issue with the Blackscreen and Mousepointer is IMO a combination of xorg/driver/UI and some issues in the Launchmanager
to bring up the right screen to the front.

Maybe more when I setup my MD

But for sure dev's have to take a once more a look at it.
as there are more and more  having similar issues



Users / Re: Split monitor
« on: September 12, 2009, 10:49:32 am »
Had the same issue with an ATI RADEON Mobile 9000

for me following worked  (radeon driver)

 xvattr -a XV_CRTC -v 1

try it on command line (if not installed apt-get it)
if you get an error related display not found try following

DISPLAY=:0.0  xvattr -a XV_CRTC -v -1

DISPLAY=:0.0  xvattr -a XV_CRTC -v 1

the last value (1 or -1) is the output

Good luck!

Dear Philippe,

I think it is something with one of the latest updates.
I am playing now 2 days to setup my core - always starting into KDE

I now restarted another try from scratch

If any news I let you know



Installation issues / Re: 810 setup - repository errors
« on: September 11, 2009, 09:06:10 pm »
same issue here.

playing now 2 days with setting up core. (from scratch)
same issue with booting into KDE not starting Launchmanager

today new setup from scratch with et0 external eth1 internal

let's see

I will report back if I am through...

I have now reinstalled my core.
Still fighting with Xorg because of my old monitor which supports only special refresh rates.

Once I have my core Xorg up again I ll let you know.

What I found is some strange double entries in the Device status overview of the WebAdmin
( after deleting almost all I decided to reinstall the core bcause it became instable)

It showed more entries than the standard Device tree view
Maybe  u find there a Orbiter plugin too much or some other App..



what does your MD do if u hit F8 , F6 and then F7 key?

does the orbiter appear?

for my broken core setup (still broken) this at least makes the orbiter come onto the screen
On startup it says Orbiter running on

This is just to verfy if it is the same problem

My MDs are not yet updated and still working fine



Dear Philippe,

get a console on your MD and check

apt-get udate and upgrade

if upgrade says you need to dpkg --configure -a
some install did not finish

check also
/usr/pluto/bin/ if it is executeable.
I had this issue now with the latest upgrade on the Core, which resulted in a broken setup an a blackscreen with white pointer

did a chmod 755 on
did apt-get upgrade

After that still there was the problem with the black screen and white pointer
and no way to activate my MythTV.

So I deleted all software from the OnScreen Orbiter (WebAdmin>Mediadirectors>affected Orbiter> Software Button)
I took off the pipe from all packages like MediaPlayer, MythTV BluetoothDongle......
Rebuilt Orbiter - Reload Router  - working
Reactivated the Software in the WebAdmin - wait for install finished and reload Regen reload
Now working again

edit:  after reboot not anymore working

Hope this helps for your problem as well.....

edit: so it will not help



Had today same issue with the new upgrade.

changing permission to make script executeable did the job.

After that I had to fight still with display issues which made my core behaving strange.
sometimes showed the orbiter somtimes not
MythTV was not shown on the display.

so finding out that it has to to with addressing the screen I decided to delete all software packages
(Media Player , mythTV plugin and so on) from the Orbiter
Regen - Reload   worked
Reactivated the Software on the WebAdmin
waited for software to be installed, Reload Regen Reload

Everything is working



what about access rights?

in some other thread I saw also some setup issues related to some network switch problem.
are those MDs connected to other devices ore maybe (if managed) port setup different?

Hi Philippe,

check your /etc/fstab what should be mounted and if everything is mounted

you could also take a look in the mtab

looks like there are issues with mounting some of the filesystem over the net
try to mount manually


Installation issues / Re: Problems on every installation attempt...
« on: September 04, 2009, 10:17:20 pm »
for the core you can install nvidia upfront - at  least for me it worked.

what kind of network setup do u use?
2 NICs as recommended?

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