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Users / Re: Cannot access linuxmce samba shares from XP machines.
« on: July 12, 2008, 05:12:53 am »
but this system ISN'T just a media center, it's a smart home solution. Why don't you either:

(1) use it the way it's meant to be used, or
(2) help us adapt it to other use cases

oh wait, i forgot, you obviously know better than what we're doing, because you're throwing a sledgehammer through the samba installation and setting it to security=share....

First off, man, sorry if I offend you, It wasn't my goal at all, just speaking my mind, and maybe a little loud, sorry for that :)

Option 2 is not a bad idea, I will be glad to help, but I need A LOT of hours with this to be ready to help in some way :), but i will love to.

You are right, the difference is that it was meant to be a smart home solution, and I try to have just a Media Center, i don't need the rest, when I saw the video, I just focus on what interested to me, and that was a media center.

I wish I know that much, but not even close, I'm a hardware guy :D i understand machine code and electronics very well, I can barely handle C, anything more "high level" and I'm completely lost :(

again sorry if I piss some of you off, it wasn't my intention, just wanna make things work :)

Users / Re: Cannot access linuxmce samba shares from XP machines.
« on: July 12, 2008, 04:53:56 am »
Why are you people butchering your setups?!

(1) make sure you have the appropriate network setup, two NIC cards, your core is the center of the network, handling firewall, dhcp, gateway.. make sure your other pc's are on the internal NIC card.

(2) when logging into the dcerouter share, use the username and password you use to log into the web admin

very simple, guys.
stop fucking up your setups.


Hi tschak909

You cannot expect that I will modify the way things works in my house because suits the needs of the equipment, it's the other way around, equipment should reflect the need of the user.

I have specially made servers that works from 12VDC, same as the router, swtiches, VOIP interfases and 100% of communication devices in my home because here brownouts are commonday issues, so i cannot use this equipment to act as a router, not to mention the services I'm already hosting that would require to modify LMCE to do what I do today with the router (dyndns, ftp server, VPN server, asterisk with an already working dialplan, etc).

If there is no easy way to make it work without passwords, I'll use username and passwords, that's something I can live with :D but there is no way that I will put an expensive machine that draws more than 300W, 24hs active, just because the setup was made that way, when I can do better with 10% of that power and operate on batteries when power goes out and leaves LMCE to do what I think it's made to do, a Media center machine, not a server/gateway.

EDIT: Maybe I can disable DHCPd, and modify network settings, so I can operate on the "default LAN side of LMCE" but I would to modify routes anyway so It can connect to the internet using the lan side, thinking about this, maybe it's easier the way I already done it, disabling the firewall, anyway there is no point having a firewall when I already have a very good one, i don't know what of the two options do you think that will make "less mess" to this box :D hehe

Users / Re: Cannot access linuxmce samba shares from XP machines.
« on: July 12, 2008, 01:16:41 am »
why do you want to use share level security?

best regards,
Hello Hari, thanks for answer.

Because It's on a LAN and It's a home network so it's suppose to be secure :D  (I don't want to have to add users and passwords, just allow everyone on the LAN to access the media files for R/W. mainly because I thought that it would be difficult to do it otherwise) anyway it doesn't work so I can take it out :) at this point i don't care if I have to use password or not, just want to have access the the /home so I can upload content :)

Quote from: agentsmith
Hey Light,

I was able to get to mine with the following settings:
Firewall Disabled:  from the admin site Advanced > Network > Firewall Rules and check the box that says "Firewall Disabled"

Thanks agentsmith!!, that was it!, I didn't know from "where" turn off the firewall.

I can see the shares now, but in Read only, and still doesn't ask for a password :( so I cannot upload anything.

what could that be?, should I chmod the entire /home for public group?, would that allow me to upload something?.


Users / Cannot access linuxmce samba shares from XP machines.
« on: July 12, 2008, 12:46:40 am »
I have been reading all I could find about this, and playing with smb.conf but no luck... so I decide to ask for help :)

I'm trying to access from the XP machines the /home from the linuxmce machine so I can upload content.

I edited smb.conf and added:
Code: [Select]
workgroup = HOME
comment = Linux Media Center
security = SHARE
guest ok = yes

Leave the rest as It was, and sometimes I can see the share from the XP machines but when i try to enter it says: you don't have access to this resource.

Now it never asks for password, so I'm not sure if this is the problem.

I have a home network, with a linksys router, and all the machines conected to the lan (Linuxmce included), I even tried to use the IP obtained via DHCP from the router with no sucess. (\\ for ex, frm the run box in xp).

any ideas?, I am missing something?, maybe a firewall blocking it?, but if there is a firewall why can I see the samba name in the workgroup?.

thanks in advance.

Users / Re: Video stuttering
« on: June 23, 2008, 05:27:04 am »
Definitely a different issue than what I have.  I get no tearing or other issues, just the framerate drops.

Framerate loss??? oh no!, not my issue either, sorry I miss-interpreted your problem, however I do see framerate loss and audio go ahead of the video, when I tryed to playback a blueray ripped, (it only played the extras, not the main movie also :()

well sorry for make noise in your thread :), anyone with a clue? of any of both problems? :D


Users / Re: Video stuttering
« on: June 23, 2008, 05:02:45 am »
Hello, I'm having something like this, however doesn't fix with a reboot.

I can see a line forming Z in the middle of the screen , specially when the scene changes fast, like fast panning or light flashes.

Could it be that my video card isn't good enough?.

I quick reload the router but I can still see the effect, I can also see a non deinterlaced video, it looks like it's not doing the deinterlace at all the player.

images of the effect:

ASUS EN6200TC512 (gforce 6200, 256M, 512 Turbo cache)
AMD 64 X2 6000
2 x 1GB DDR2 800 kingston
1 x WD 500G sata
1 x LG hddvd-br drive.

any ideas? what we can do?, thanks.

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