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Developers / Re: Supporting the ACT Solutions ZCU201 USB Z-wave Interface
« on: February 03, 2008, 10:19:38 am »
Thanks a lot, Hari!  Since those old ACT ZWave controllers aren't sold anymore, this is pretty important.  I just got one of the controllers and we're going to test it and try to make it work for the 0710 release.
You are welcome. Btw, the intermatic ha22 (04FC0204) should also work with this driver. When you modify the ZWave device template please don't forget to also add the two Seluxit usb id's (16c006eb, 1d6f0001).
I don't know if all fixes are in the lmce branch yet (one file got updated in the trunk, is still missing, see notes on that issue:

feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.

best regards,

Greetings. I assume the reference to the seluxit devices relates to the kernel driver at ?
In any case: the driver compiles and loads with 2.6.24, and I have taken the liberty to add the driver to

Now I just need to read up on zwave to figure out what to get and what to avoid...

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