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Users / "add on" for Kubuntu please
« on: January 09, 2008, 05:53:16 pm »
I installed Linux MCE at my computer with an ATI X800 card
my first attempt wa wrong because I suposed I must choose high video quality,
I tried with low, and it worked.

But, when I tried to use Kubuntu, I did not find synaptic and apt get.

I wanted to install Envy to proceed to install ATI propietary drivers.

It would be a solution to add Envy to the distro for Nvidia and ATI propietary drivers to install. it is open source but allows to install propietary drivers over the internet.

But this post is to ask that MCE can make a installation script for Kubuntu installations, then it would be as a program, an update or something similar, call it as you want, having at any TV or PC best of both words, a complete and upgradable Linux distribution, and a media center.

Or to incorporate the distribution synaptic for uograding the distribution and add some software.

As there are no languages but english, it would be useful some tool to keep Kubuntu with language settings, mine is spanish, and, till there are no spanish version, Pluto (MCE frontend) with english.

It would be a good idea too, to put in a database all the Pluto commands, in order to a quick translation, even with glossaries that exists to make this kind of translations, and video subtitles for the video speech until that subtitles would be translated to each language.

Obviously for the main propose it is a great distribution, but I think it would be better, if it becomes too a great multimedia "program" "enviroment" or any name you want to give it for Kubuntu distributions to add.

Thanks for all

Compatible Products & Services / Re: LinuxMCE Hardware packs for newbies
« on: December 25, 2007, 06:44:56 pm »
A newbie question, a PS3 (Sony Pkaystation3) version of LinuxMCE will be created?

May PS3 be a good hardware for LinuxMCE?

I think that it is possible and if it has good performance Sony will sell a lot more of their consoles and probably would preinstall LinuxMCE on some PS3 systems, and it would be a great tool in HD vs. BR disks battle.

Compatible Products & Services / Re: LinuxMCE Hardware packs for newbies
« on: December 24, 2007, 10:51:42 am »
I'm not kidding, of course I can do this job, but, even me, if you can read a recopilation work and some tsted configurations, as a newbe or even as a computer seller, you woud be able to choose better.

My plan is to buy a silent case and put my actual computer on it with some aditions as tuner and upscaling devices when I'll buy a new computer

I have a Gigabyte 8iI945P mobo, P4 530 @3 Mhz with 3 Gb of RAM DDR2, ASUS ATI X600 EAX, DVD PLEXTOR 750A, conceptronic firewire card and integrated ethernet, realtek sound card, and 2x 200 Gb SATA HDD, 1x500 GB SATAII HDD, 1x 40 GB IDE HDD (With Kubuntu),
and as external devices ASUS web cam(it doesn't work with linux, but it is detected), Canon lite scanner, Brotherhl-1230 as Laser printer, 2 200 GB external IDE HDD with dual firewire/USB cases.

Perhaps there are a good and cheap configuration, that can change my plan and then let this computer running linux, and let the new one only for games (I'm a gamer and still use windows for gaming, some day, when video drivers will preform similar it will not be necessary).

But my request was and is not because of me, is becouse newbes can find an easy way (better if it is a closed product for them) to become LinuxMCE users. I'm sure if LINUX MCE would have any product with it preinstalled as some windows MCE specific devices, it would have more market introduction.

If I were a CEO from any computer company, even hardware company that make those Multimedia USB HDD    , I would have a good and cheap product and a High level product with LinuxMCE, and with my name as for example //XXXX Media Center// and a logo that says Powered by Linux MCE, but normal people would buy my //...// because they do not understand and know about operating Systems and hardware configurations.

That because I would like this kind of list, where there are other question, devices with good drivers for linux, not only that work, for example, ATI is not a good brand for Linux, even they are making efforts, now Nvidia Linux drivers are much better, the gap between windows and linux performance is bigger in ATI.

Internal Upscaling cards does it exist? because I've read about this specific hardware chips for DVDs but I cannot find any for PCI, but can it be performed by software and better with PC Video cards?, I'm afraid not.

Then, even if it is not a hardware design, and it is only a computer that you can buy by parts, making a branded product, would expand the use of Linux MCE and of course the same Linux itself. As there are more game consoles than desktop computers, there will be more MCE than desktop computers , and this marvellous work is an enormous advantage to be placed at a lot of homes, and perhaps can be the beginning of the success (in market share terms) of opensource OSs. But I think a little bit more, the remote commands are similar to Wii ones, and MCE boxes will be too excellent Linux video game machines, with games Wiimote style,  Open Source games, but commercial ones too and some TV models today has HDDs inside, why not Linux MCE as OS for this TVs and then TVs will be computers, and the same model, cheaper only with IR receiver.
This would be a great product for Hotels.

Excuse my long post, I cannot be right, but I'm not kidding, and the subject is Hardware packs for newbies, a list and even final products is a good idea, not from only one person, a colaborative one or a wiki. And of course some product as the Wallmart one for gOS.


Compatible Products & Services / Re: LinuxMCE Hardware packs for newbies
« on: December 23, 2007, 01:49:24 pm »
I would like a LIST with alternatives, prices, and features, and some configurations from cheaper to better.

Cable card:
Sat card:
TDT (DVB-T) cards:
Analogic tuner cards:
Combo tuner cards:
Remote controls:
Audio cards:
DVD (&+) devices:
Upscaling cards:
Video cards:
Silent fans or coolers:
Infrared devices for stations:
Web cams:
Wifi cards:
Some other hardware:

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