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Installation issues / Re: Linux MCE 704 DVD Post-Install goes POOF
« on: December 18, 2007, 06:30:08 am »
I've got the same issue seems to be a ubuntu issue.  I defintely never asked it to set up a RAID array...but I get told mdadm: no devices listed in /etc/mdadm.conf...and then halts for a while and finally goes to a busybox prompt with (initram) and that's it??   Why the heck is it even trying to load a RAID configuration???  I decided to try again after unlugging my second hard drive in case it was thinking I wanted to use that in a RAID configuration.  Currently waiting to see what happens...mind you I've just tried mythbuntu and that sux...i will be telling the mythbuntu team all about it too.  Looks like ubuntu based stuff doesn't like my system...oh well!

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