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Developers / Webservice or Webmethod as Device
« on: December 05, 2007, 01:22:58 pm »
First of all I want to say HELLO, since this is my first post!

My Problem: I have a server in my LMCE-Subnet (not the Core!!!) which runs on an embedded PC and that server controls some home automation, it's a proprietary solution (.NET-based!!!). However there is some sort of WebService (not a real WS but can communicate via Webmethods) that sends and recieves simple string and bool values for all assingned Lights, drapes etc. trough XML-Msgs.
Now I want to make a device within LMCE that interacts with that "Webservice" and so controls all the automationdevices "behind" the windowsserver.

Daniel told me that it should be quite easy to do that using GSD. But I simply don't know how. I'm rather new to LMCE and no skilled programmer, either.

I'd be more than thankful for some help and advice.

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