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Installation issues / Re: LIRC; serial receiver, button codes
« on: April 03, 2010, 09:14:23 pm »
OK, I found where I was going wrong.  I re-read the page more carefully, and realized I had to go under "Advanced > Configuration", so I can now add device codes.

One clarification, however. the instructions at say the following:

5. Capture the key codes: In a terminal window, enter the command tail -f /var/log/pluto/XX_USB_UIRT_0038.log where XX is the device number you found in the previous step. Press a button on the remote control twice. You should see something like this:
Code: [Select]
05      05/16/08 19:29:18.757           Cannot find anything for IR 1500003E3CFC <0x40800950>
05      05/16/08 19:29:19.021           Cannot find anything for IR 1700009E0FC0 <0x40800950>
The numbers 1500003E3CFC and 1700009E0FC0 are the key codes for that button. If the two numbers are the same, then there is only one key code for that button. In a text editor, format the button names and key codes in the same format as this.
6. Add the Configuration (string): In the Device Data box select Configuration. Paste the key codes you created in the last step into the Default Value field. Click the Use Master Device List Defaults box.

My device ID is 46, and is a "Generic Serial Device".  I did the tail on "/var/log/pluto/46_Generic_Serial_Device.log" and pressed a couple of the keys twice, but nothing showed up.  Can I just use the codes in the lircd.conf file, or does pluto use a different format?  the codes in my file look like this:

Code: [Select]
          1                        0x1781
          2                        0x1782
          3                        0x1783
          4                        0x1784
          5                        0x1785
          6                        0x1786
          7                        0x1787
          8                        0x1788
          9                        0x1789
          0                        0x1780

The output from irw looks like this:

Code: [Select]
0000000000001783 00 3 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001783 01 3 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001783 02 3 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001782 00 2 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001782 01 2 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001782 02 2 hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 00 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 01 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 02 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001796 00 Left hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001796 01 Left hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001796 02 Left hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 00 Right hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 01 Right hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 02 Right hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 00 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 01 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001795 02 Down hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 00 Right hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 01 Right hauppauge.pvr500
0000000000001797 02 Right hauppauge.pvr500

(the same codes, but with just a bunch of "0s" in front)

Thanks again for your help!


Installation issues / LIRC; serial receiver, button codes
« on: April 03, 2010, 08:44:49 pm »

I am running LMCE 0810.  I have a Hauppauge remote that came with my PVR-500 and a serial IR receivers.  This works great under Mythbuntu.  I have been able to get to the point where I can load the lirc_serial module and start the lircd daemon.  I have the lircd.conf file I used for my remote under Mythbuntu and the correct key presses show up when I run the 'irw' tool.

I am trying to follow the instructions at  I have created a remote that I called "PVR-500".  I am on the edit template page and I see "Device Data" section down at the bottom, but there is nowhere for me to paste the remote codes (currently in my lircd.conf) in there.

In addition, I am of the understanding the keypress names are stored in the database, so the names in my config will need to match those, I think, or will that be taken care of when I can add them through the "Device data" section?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Users / Re: 0810; PVR-500 not recognized in mythtv-setup
« on: April 03, 2010, 12:10:39 pm »
use the mythtv-setup in the onscreen-orbiter in computing!

I didn't realize there was a menu item for it within LMCE!  Got it setup and working now.  Thanks! :-)


Users / 0810; PVR-500 not recognized in mythtv-setup
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:43:02 am »

I have a LinuxMCE 0810 beta 2 setup.  During the initial setup, the wizard detected my PVR-500 (both inputs) and asked if I wanted to setup a camera on them (I of course said "no", as I do not have any cameras attached)

When I try to watch TV through them, it sells me that they must be setup in MythTV using mythtv-setup.  I go to the KDE Desktop and run mythtv-setup.  When i go into the section to setup capture cards, its probe does not detect any capture cards at all; for all types the "Probed Info" line indicates that nothing was found.

is this a bug or did I miss a step?

Thanks in advance for your help and insight into this issue.


Users / 0810, WiiMote: cannot connect
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:16:56 am »

I hope this is the right area to post this.  I have a 0810 Beta 2 system up and running.  I am trying to get my WiiMote connected.  I can get it working successfully under Mythbuntu using the same dongle, so i know the dongle works fine with the WiiMote.

I followed the following guides:

The end result is when I press 1+2 on my WiiMote, the four blue lights come on and blink, but then eventually go out, and my WiiMote does not connect.  Following the second link, I did the following on the command line:

Code: [Select]
sudo wminput <MAC_address>
The resulting output is this:

Code: [Select]
Put Wiimote in discoverable mode now (press 1+2)...

Any help or insight greatly appreciated.  If logs would help, pelase let me know which entires form which log file9s) you need and I can post them here no problem.

Thanks! :-)


Installation issues / Re: Bypass AV Wizard?
« on: March 30, 2010, 04:49:33 pm »
you may be able to edit /etc/pluto.conf and set AutoStartMedia to 0. not sure if that will prevent the avwizard from running though.

That seems to have done it.  When I rebooted, it seemed to generate a lot of stuff on the command line on boot (I think it was finishing whatever scripts it needed).  During this time, een though SSH was indicated as started, I couldn't connect, even after it was all done.

I logged in on the console, opened /etc/pluto.conf and noticed some new entries:

Code: [Select]
FirstBoot = false
AVWizardDone = 1
DesktopActivated = 1

or at least I think they were new; I didn't remember them being there, but I could very well be wrong.  I set "AutoStartMedia" back to "1" then rebooted.  No AVWizard; just generating the orbiters, then when done, the onscreen orbiter showed up.

I will likely go through the "Clean Core" wiki entry and see if I can reduce its resource footprint, and also make it run at runlevel 3, etc., but so far I am happy.

I am having a problem with the web orbiter I created afterwards, but I will post another thread on that.

Thanks! :-)


Installation issues / Re: Bypass AV Wizard?
« on: March 30, 2010, 04:32:59 am »
Unfortunately, that doesn't work :-(  I can hit "Enter" but that makes the display go black, then restarts the AV Wizard :-(


Installation issues / Bypass AV Wizard?
« on: March 29, 2010, 09:10:22 pm »
Is there any way to stop the AV Wizard from coming up on startup?

I have installed 0810 (Beta 2, it seems, which I believe is latest; did a "repo" install from script).  I have installed it on a Xen virtual machine, so it doesn't have a real monitor attached, and I am only wanting to use this particular one as a core, so it won't be getting used as a MD.  However, when the AV Wizard comes up, the "OK" button is greyed out, and I cannot proceed, presumably because it is not detecting a compatible display.  I can connect to the web interface to configure what I need.

Thanks! :-)


Users / Re: wiimote on 810 alpha2
« on: March 29, 2010, 02:10:11 am »
This topic is a bit old, but I have a pertinent question :-)

This is not needed, as fully integrated wiimote support will be plug and play by the end of the beta in 0810.

I am in process of installing 0810 as a core on a virtual server, so I don't have to install  existing hardware I am currently using :-)

I want to test out the media directors via PXE boot, but I also want t try using a WiiMote.  Is it possible to use a WiiMote on a thin client MD?  If not current, will it be possible when 0810 is out of beta and fully released?

Thanks! :-)


Users / Re: Need testers - updated 2-18
« on: March 24, 2010, 07:27:04 am »
Perhaps you could have flags for certain key parts of a file name and allow users to specify how they are out together, much like a lot of music library/ripper programs out there, like Amarok.  So you could specify tags such as:

Series = %series
Season Number = %season
Episode Number = %episode
Episode Title = %title

So, taking Star Trek: TNG, episode 1, season 1, "Encounter At Far Point", as an example, one one could specify:

%series.%season.%episode.%title.avi = star trek: tng.01.01.encounter at far point.avi


%series_-_s%seasone%episode_-_%title.avi = %starttrek_tng_-_s01e01_-_encounter_at_far_point.avi

and so on, so the combinations would become only limited by people's imaginations for naming them.

With MythTV 0.22 now updated into LinuxMCE, I believe it it has its own scripts for grabbing data from <> and <> now, doesn't it?  Though if I understand correctly, this one integrates into Mythweb, so that's a good thing.

Just a couple thoughts.


OK, I solved the issue.

I took a look at the script and noticed that is is set to run on display ':0'.  I am connecting to the box remotely using "no machine", which is not running from that display.  I ran the the command 'echo $DISPLAY' then replaced the ':0' in the script witht eh value I got.

Installer is now working.



I just downloaded the LinuxMCE 7.10Beta3 CD install for amd64.  I performed an install of Kubuntu 7.10 (for amd64),and did not do any updates.

I copied the LinuxMCE ISOs to the system, mounted CD1 and installed the mce-installer package.  When click on the Desktop icon, nothing happens.  I tried running the '/usr/share/mce-installer/' script directly and still nothing happens.  I have tried running it using sudo as well as directly as the 'root' user, and still nothing.

Anyone els have trouble like this?  If so, what was the resolution?  If anyone has any other ides, I would appreciate hearing them

Thanks, in advance.


Installation issues / Re: DVD vs CD Installation
« on: February 20, 2008, 07:14:50 am »
Another con for DVD installation: you have no control over how the system is partitioned :-(


Users / Re: Controlling remote devices
« on: December 01, 2007, 08:01:45 pm »
Hi There.

Thanks for the reply.

You can control any other MD from the MD your actually using... just change the room your Orbiter is controlling and set it to the room you want to control. Then the Orbiter you are in front off will remotely control the features of the other MD.

If I wish to use my Harmony remote (or any other universal remote, for that matter), how are the signals received?  because it's an infrared device, there needs to be some sort of receiver.  On my current setup, I use the receiver that came with my PVR-150 card.  None of my devices have a serial port, so I am not able to control them with that.

That's really what i wanted clarification of: that I would still need an infrared receiver on each MD to control it... is this correct?

TIA! :-)


Users / Controlling remote devices
« on: December 01, 2007, 04:35:00 am »
Hi There.

I am considering installing a LinuxMCE system and have been reading over the site (docs, requirements, etc.)  I am currently running a MythTV system that is hooked in to an A/V receiver with my DVD and TV.  I want to be able to do home automation and VoIP a little bit down the road.

While I will likely be running a "hybrid" system at first, I like the "Media Director" feature, but just want to make a clarification.  I have a Logitech Harmony remote which currently controls all my devices, and I know it'll work to control the "hybrid" system.  However, if I expand the system to include one or two "Media Directors", I am assuming I would need some sort of LIRC-supported device to control the on-screen stuff with the remote?

I am pretty sure that this is the case, but just wanted confirmation :-)

Thanks! :-)


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