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Users / Re: What HA Protocol do you (want) to use with LMCE?
« on: January 22, 2008, 11:12:25 pm »

I'm surprised I didn't see it on this list.  It is powerline but boasts 99%+ reliability.  I have played with it and it seems as solid as it claims.  It is significantly more expensive though ($75 for a switch) so that must be considered.   However when it comes to HA I like it's reliability and instant response. 

I have no experience with Insteon but hear good things.  I have minor experience with Z-wave.  Just used the Intermatic USB stick and 2 devices.  I had problems maintaining solid connections.  Obviously 2 devices provide a weak network and Z-wave gets better as it grows but it wasn't a good start.

Looks like Misterhouse has a UPB driver.  It is written in Perl and can run on Linux so I have no idea if the driver can be ported/hacked/used with LMCE.  Misterhouse is Open Source so they'll probably be helpful.

If UPB is working with LMCE, it will be incredibly solid. 


I have been a lurker for awhile but now decided to jump in.  Kudos to Rafik, great idea.  Together we can help each other and still not step on each other's toes.


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