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Installation issues / Problem with xine-playback
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:28:11 pm »
Ok this has me baffled.

I have installed 0710 via the DVD distribution. The problem I have is that when I play a DVD or play a media file from within the orbiter I get audio but no video, just a black screen. If I switch to KDE desktop with the video still playing, then right-click on the pluto-xine-playback on the taskbar and select To current Desktop I can see the video fine so i know xine is playing the video, I just cant see it from within the Orbiter. Its as though its playing on the wrong Desktop.

Any ideas?


There is no opengl support in the vmware driver so your stuck with UI1 im afraid. You wont lose any functionality but the UI is very basic. You really need a native install of LMCE to fully appreciate its worth. If you still want to retain the ability to run windoze, you could always install the Linux version of vmware are run the windows version as a VM instead.

Hi Guys,

I have managed to "tweak" my environment so that it now downloads the pictures directly from my own flicker account. I've also managed to get it working with authentication so it can download your pictures which are marked as private.

Ok...maybe a bit like a chocolate teapot I know, as there are enough solutions on here to point to a folder instead of flickr, so why not just use that instead?....i agree, however it does have 1 added bonus.

If you create an account on Flickr and then create a group, you can link in your friends and family into that group then they can add pictures into the group folder which will then appear in your screensaver. The group folder can also be private and it will work.

Is this something the community would like? If so let me know and I will document the steps.

NB....any gurus out there know how to stop the screensaver stretching the images when it displays them?

Users / Notifications
« on: October 17, 2007, 01:22:51 am »
Anyone any idea how to restrict the amount of time the notification to cell phone runs.

The problem is.....if I get a notification, and i miss the call ( a regular occurrence) my cell goes to voicemail and then the alert just spends the next 5 mins saying the same thing over and over to my voicemail. If it was a real security breach, then its a no brainer and i wouldnt be that worried but I sometimes get spurious alerts.


Developers / Hi guys
« on: October 13, 2007, 03:45:29 am »
Could someone please point me in the correct direction. There seems to be a built in event handler that gets triggered when a sensor gets tripped, which starts a countdown and then displays a security breach message. Where is this procedure stored?

Ive set my webcam up to act as a security cam, but it seems that the active sensors page doesnt really work in this environment. The "Disarmed" mode seems to be the only thing that makes any difference. With "Disarmed" set to Security. No matter what mode is set on my orbiter, the event gets triggered and the security breach process starts, even with all the other modes set to "Do nothing". With "Disarmed" set to do nothing, the security breach process never kicks in, even when the other modes are set to security. So I want to try and reverse engineer the process.

Also, anyone know how to include the current "Mode" in the decision as to wether to fire the trigger or not?

Many thanks for your comments.

Users / A couple of questions
« on: October 10, 2007, 05:56:11 pm »
Can anyone help me here.

I am using a Nokia N-gage as a mobile orbiter. Problem Is that I cannot use it to start a DVD. Normally to start for a normal orbiter, i click on the "manage drives" then click play. When I choose manage drives from the mobile orbiter I just get a blank screen and it locks up, requiring me to stop the mobile app and restart. I thought I could just create a new "scenario" which if my understanding is correct is just a new button which i could then choose directly from the media menu, however I cant quite work out how to get the button to start the dvd drive. Any help would be appreciated.

The second question is, My core is a DELL XPS Gen2 laptop, my other media director is a dell D610 laptop (these are just to test the app before I go full fledged spending). I can transfer what I am watching from the core to the other MD and it picks up from where it left off, however if i go from the MD back to the core, the media starts from the begining. Any ideas?



Users / Re: Follow Me - DVD
« on: October 02, 2007, 10:05:33 pm »
Strange one this....Its just that DVD, i tried a different one and it works fine. For some reason it doesnt read the DVD name of this particular DVD which seems to confuse it somehow.

Thanks for the input anyway.

Users / Re: Follow Me - DVD
« on: October 02, 2007, 06:36:12 pm »
I agree, thats what it sounds like, but im fairly sure its not...unless I'm missing something,

In the Add-software screen DVDCSS has a big green tick next to it (in both core and MD) and

apt-get install libdvdcss2 says the currently installed version is the latest, same with apt-get install libdvdread3. (again, from the director Im moving from and to)

So...can I take it from your reply that it "should" be possible?

Users / Follow Me - DVD
« on: October 02, 2007, 04:10:48 pm »
Hi All,

Just wondering if this should be possible or wether I'm trying to do something that LMCE wasnt designed for. I have a Core/MD combo and a second MD in another room. Each MD can can play DVD's locally. What I want to be able to do though is start watching a DVD in room 1 and then use the follow me to continue watching it in room 2, however when I try I get a pop-up saying "cannot read encrypted dvd, probably DVDCSS isnt installed". However it is (and must be as i can play it locally).

Any ideas?

Installation issues / Re: Install Woes
« on: October 01, 2007, 11:53:17 pm »
Yep, checksums were fine. I didnt burn them though, just mounted the iso's as the CDROM in vmware.

Installation issues / Install Woes
« on: October 01, 2007, 03:24:57 pm »
Hi all,

Ive been trying to install LinuxMCE in VMware with varying degrees of success over the last few days. I'm Using kubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso, LinuxMCE_0704_CD1[1].iso and LinuxMCE_0704_CD1[2].iso.

I was getting various errors along the way, segmentation faults, mysql failing to start...actually, just about everything that everyone has been mentioning at one point or another in these forums. I'm currently on attempt 5 and this time I have copied all the media to the hardrive so the installer doesnt cache the CD's. Fingers crossed, but it certainaly looks as though its going further than it has in the past.

I'll come back and let you all know the result.

NB, anyone know how to install vmware tools on an kubuntu desktop install. When i try and install it keeps asking for the path to the C Header files, however im fairly sure the src isnt installed using the image I installed with....any ideas?

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