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How do I run the AvWizard ?

I installed a media director (disked PC) and tried to run video and got a blank screen with no audio. Then I tried to run setup wizard from the Orbiter - again no video plays, no sound - screen has all other buttons though.

Myth Tv also does the same thing.

Any help !


Developers / Re: Disked MD setup
« on: October 11, 2007, 04:08:38 am »
Followed the steps that you mentioned. Somehow it does a strange setup that leaves me without the program. After struggling through the different issues, I managed to get the orbiter working on the disked media director.

When I want to watch my videos - it just displays a blank screen :-( .. The same videos on core work fine. The videos are on a NAS and mounts are good.

Even the setup wizard on disked media director doesnt play video / sound.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


Developers / Disked MD setup
« on: October 09, 2007, 12:07:09 am »
Can some one point me to Disked MD source - installation and startup ? I am looking for file on LMCE 0704. I am presuming that there is an equivalent setup file too :-)



My PC's BIOS doesn't support network boot. I read on this forum that disked media director is an option on the latest release of LMCE.

I was trying to avoid buying another PC whose bios supports PXE boot.

I reinstalled the system from a scratch - Kubuntu followed by LinuxMCE (using 3 CD edition). the same results :-(

One thing that I noticed during MCE installation was that it runs I am wondering if I have the wrong disks or am doing something wrong ? Here is what I do :

Install the MCE installer package from Linux MCE CD#1 and that leaves me with a MCE Installer icon on the desktop. When I click on the MCE installer, it ckecks with CORE and starts a Diskless setup and is done within less than 30 seconds. At the end, it displays a box saying - reboot the syetem and then there will be regeneration of  skin etc.

In the meantime, I also configure the CORE/ Hybrid  for a new Generic PC media director - along with an OnScreen Orbiter. I use MAC address of the PC that I will use for Media director.
After reboot, I have to login to the Kubuntu login  prompt using my user id and password. Then I run LMCE from my desktop. All goes well and the Orbiter starts . Somehow the orbiter is in a small screen on the left side - showing BIG buttons and only half the items. 

Also, I read somewhere that there is a - a script  that I cannot find anywhere on my system. 

Help !



To solve the databse issue - I had to download QMYSQL3 package and I discovered that (on my installation) a lot of files were missing from /usr/lib and /usr/pluto/lib and /usr/pluto/bin.

The issue of regeneration of skin was resolved by editing pluto.conf (in /etc) and adding the following line:

PK_DEVICE <device number of media director>

You can get the device number of media director from LinuxMCE's admin website.

So far - I have managed to copy the missing files from core and am stuck in a stage where registration of Orbiter with the core is timing out.

I will look into /usr/pluto/bin/ to investigate this issue.

Help !



Thanks for the reply. The database component is resolved now.

Next problem that I run into is "Failed to regenerate skin for Orbiter!!"

Help pls !


I installed Media Director on a PC and when I click on "Start Media Station", it connects with the DCE router (core) and then fails to regenerate skin.

In connection tab on Linux MCE launch manager, I see that there is a MySQL data required - host, user and password - I have tried various combinations like localhost / IP address of the core ( and user id of root with root;s password and MCE users with their passwords. Nothing works..

Any pointers / suggestions to resolve this will be highly appreciated.



Installation issues / Media Director Not working
« on: October 01, 2007, 04:07:31 am »
I installed Linux MCE 07 04 as Core/Hybrid and it works fine with the orbiter on that machine.

I also installed LinuxMCE as Media director using 3 CD approach (Kubuntu and Linux MCE CD set) on a PC with 40 GB hard disk. Configured the PC to be a media director on Core/ Hybrid.

I logged on to the Kubuntu and start Linux MCE. THe graphical screen pops up and when I click on start media station - it gave me an error - prompting me to regenerate skin for the oribiter because the resolution of screen had changed. Eventually I get an error - saying failed to regenerate skin.

Incidentally, it also displays an Orbiter SDL / loader on the Core/Hybrid.

After a few attempts on rebooting both core/hrbrid and the media director PC - the mdeia director PC fails to boot. It shows - Helper script starting .. and then attempts to load CIFS (VFS) - Command xx mid 139 142 and continues .. in that loop.

Pls help !!

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