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Users / Is this possible - Mac related.
« on: August 16, 2007, 10:04:47 pm »
I've just recently stumbled up LinuxMCE and I've loved everything I've seen so far.

I'm a technology hoarder so I have a bunch of pieces to this puzzle laying around that I think might get me to where I want to be.

I'd like on main machine where my ripped media exists, then one other auxiliary machine that streams that content.  On the main machine, I'd like to hook up my Tivo Series 3, and have that accessible to my aux machine. 

As my main machine. I'd like to use a Mac Pro that I've stopped using as my daily machine.  I've got over 1TB of storage on it so it meets that requirement.  It has DVI out - which would hook nicely into my Panasonic LCD.  However, how would I go about getting the Tivo hooked in?

My aux TV is a 32" LCD in the bedroom that has access to the network.  It has RGB and Component in so I think that'd be an easy setup.

I also have a PepperPad that I'd think would make a great remote - and is Linux based.  Anyone using a PP as their control solution?

Can anyone give me any advice on how the Tivo can play a roll in this?

Thanks in advance.

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