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Users / Re: Will this system work with LMCE?
« on: August 13, 2007, 06:54:51 pm »
You might want to get a fast CPU if you plan on encoding multiple threads at a time.
How fast of a CPU would be needed to make a box that should last years and have the ability to feed to probably up to 3 or 4 front-ends?  I'd like to just build this box now, use it on one TV for the time being, then when I move to a bigger place just add something like a Fiire thin client on other TV's.  I didn't think it would need too fast of a CPU if the tuners had hardware encoders (like the hauppauge I have from an older system does)
thats the same motherboard i have and everything i checked on it works great so far. a couple things...make sure you disable the onboard sound if you plan on using another card...i used a soundblaster audigy 2. also...update the BIOS before you start loading anything on it. i had some installation issues at first that were fixed when i updated the BIOS. you may not have the problem now, as that was when it was still 1.0 on ubuntu. i also didnt check SPDIF since i used the other soundcard.
I'm probably going to use onboard sound (to save PCI slots for future tuners), but good to hear it works for you.  Do you by chance remember what version the BIOS was when you started with the mobo and what you had to upgrade to for everything to work?  I'd rather not have to search for a floppy drive to update the BIOS unless I need to when I get this.

Users / Will this system work with LMCE?
« on: August 12, 2007, 12:04:54 am »
If this is the wrong forum, sorry - it's just the one that made the most sense out of the choices available.

Onto the material here - I'm going to build a LMCE system and have come up with a shopping list.  I just wanted to make sure all the components would play nice with LMCE as I've never built a Linux system before and have heard stories of incompatibilities.  I have built Windows systems, so I have some idea of how components plug in  ;)

The system will comprise of:

I've left out the random things like CPU cooling, power supply, optical drive, and case which will have little / no effect on the system's compatibility.  If something in here won't work, please let me know.

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