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Installation issues / Re: PLEASE HELP!! ATIX1650
« on: June 08, 2007, 04:36:38 pm »
If the only problem is editting a file in the console:
sudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf   (something like wordpad, graphical)


sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf  (something like edit in DOS)

I've installed LinuxMCE 1.1B2 from cd (torrent) on a clean install of Kubuntu Feisty. The only things I installed were the updates and the ATI driver.

After the installation of LinuxMCE I've got a dialog box asking me if I want to start LinuxMCE of Kubuntu by default, and some settings like if I wanted tu use alpha blending.
During the test the alpha blending worked fine, but when I want to continue this dialogbox, It said it had some problems with the alpha blending and if I want the script to try and fix this. I answered yes... and that was tha last thing I could do on the machine.

Everytime when I start my PC I see the text of all the starting services, and on a certain point I still see the text, but the screen goes black, and than the text again, and black... and so on. Like switching between black and the text 1 time a second.
I get no graphical screen or dialog box. Though I do can access the web-interface.
Disabling the alpha blening and even disabling the whole X server from starting up doesn't fix this. The flickering is going to fast to be able to login in another box. The SSH service got some problems too. I can connect, enter my username, but not more.

Does anybody have a clue where to start looking or what this could be?

My hardware:
Asus M2A-VM HDMI motherboard. (690G chipset with onboard ATI X1250)
X2 5200+
400GB SATAII hdd.

EDIT: Ok, I can start it! Yay! I think the problem was (and is) with the (newest) ATI driver. I reinstalled kubuntu and linuxmce. Before installing linuxmce I installed the ati driver and checked it. Then installed linuxmce and he destroyed my ati install! It was thrown away.
Then in the console I reinstalled the ati driver.. rebooted... and Kubuntu booted fine. Then I ran linuxmce and it did a lot of things, and guess what... yay..he totally rewrote my xorg.conf and replaced it with a versions without all the stuff I put into it.
Now I reinstalled the ati driver again... and it does work, but not with opengl support. aargh. Ok this one I think I can fix myself... I'm getting an advanced ati driver installer, already did it 7 times today :S
Is this normal behavior? Or do I have to put some special things in it so it doesn't destroy the driver everytime?

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