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Hmm I'm going to install using the two cd's because with the Dvd I never got an option too which drivers linuxmce was going to use.

Installation issues / Still having problem with black screen at startup
« on: August 13, 2007, 04:46:22 am »
When I start my system after install it just goes to black screen. The only way that I can get past the black screen is to hit ESC. I have tried everything listed in the previous postings, Numbers 1-4 for output, pressing shift during startup screen and nothing will load the audio/video setup.  I found out a few things about what could be the problem.  I noticed that once i logged into the KDE that the maximum screen resolution I could get is the 680 x 480 or whatever it is.  Also when the screen loads it says DCEROUTER login :              then the whole line is blank.  I noticed that a couple said there was text further down the line? Is there anything else I can try to get this setup? Possibly update my nvidia drivers? Is there anyway I can fix the startup so it selects the right input everytime.  I did have the beta version working great with UI2 blending but then I changed over to this one.  I installed off the DVD. Should I download the CD's and try to install that way?

Thanks for any information you can provide to me!

My video card is a Nvidia 7600gs

Users / Re: Linuxmce got slow all of a sudden
« on: July 21, 2007, 02:01:27 am »
Well I did go to konsole and ran top and the lmce_launch_man is running at 90-99% when I just open up the linux mce launch manager.  Linuxmce works fine though once I start everything.  So i guess its something running with linuxmce launch manager.  Is there anyway I can start linuxmce without using the launch manager? It runs at 99% even though the core is not running.

Users / Linuxmce got slow all of a sudden
« on: July 17, 2007, 03:36:12 am »
Linuxmce had been working great but then all of a sudden I started linuxmce(I use hybrid setup) I have it automatically start the core when I click the linuxmce icon.  But now it takes forever to start the core (4-5 minutes) now.  It used to be like 30seconds.  I have amd64 3500 1 gig ram nvidia 7600gs video card.  I use alpha ui2 settings.  Anyone know what logs I can check or what I could do to start troubleshooting this problem or even settings I possible could of messed up. 


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