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Users / Re: Basic LinuxMCE use
« on: March 05, 2008, 12:26:22 pm »
If it's 802.11n wireless you will not notice anything slow.

Users / Re: Dual cpu, 3 or more NIC's
« on: November 28, 2007, 10:26:48 pm »
Since it uses Kubuntu, you can use multiple processors, and multiple network cards, both should work "out of the box".

I don't know if it will work in a standard LinuxMCE setup, though I am sure it can be made to.

Installation issues / Re: mkv files not being detected
« on: November 23, 2007, 08:25:59 pm »
Jyst FYI totallymaxed: .mkv is Matroska - A container format most widely used for x264 720p TV-releases.
I'd be appalled if you couldn't get LMCE to play it ;) But then again, you might have to do magic to make it play. I still haven't gotten my HTPC up and running yet :P

What's wrong with the "cat" command? HJsplit does the same thing as the "split"-command does in linux - Just splits files - No extra info.

Installation issues / Re: got no problems ?
« on: September 06, 2007, 11:47:57 pm »
Can only speak for myself: Absolutely nothing worked out of the box. I got it installed, fixed most of the things LMCE had done to screw up my system, but I still can't do 1080p properly, and my FlyDVB Trio tuner doesn't work at the moment. When I get some energy back, I will try to get my system up, but I sense hours and hours of tinkering before it will work.
Maybe the next version will be more on the mark :)

Users / Anyone know what is happening with linuxmce?
« on: July 22, 2007, 11:25:18 pm »
Is it dead? I remember reading that there would be a 1.2 or something in june... I hope a new version comes out (to use with Gutsy)...
Any info is appreciated! :)

Ok, thanks. I already found that and some other useful links. But I thought maybe LMCE had some resources, or a link collection on how to get stuff working ;)
By the way, I wonder what is taking 1.1 final or 1.2 so long - I am hoping that the next final will have a vastly improved installer!

Hey :)

I have installed 1.1B2 but haven't really played around with it a lot. Main reason being that my tuner card didn't work. I suppose that you must edit modules.conf or something to load the correct modules and do some alias stuff?
My card is a LifeView FlyDVB Trio. I think I read somewhere that the current Feisty-kernel has some sort of error in handling of this card, which I guess makes it a necessity to "roll your own" kernel until it's fixed. Is this correct?
Anyway, I am not completely lost in linux, I just usually use linuxes as servers, so I am a bit new to the newest desktop-linuxes.
My request: A primer as to how to make a TV-tuner card (preferably a FlyDVB Trio - or another multi-tuner card) work in Feisty with LinuxMCE. I'd be eternally grateful!
I bought a new machine just to use with LinuxMCE as a media center - So I am really looking forward to making it fly!

Best wishes, and thank you all, in advance!

Yes, it was my experience also. LinuxMCE seems to be made to work only with Nvidia graphics cards. When you try to do stuff, it will overwrite xorg.conf with a lot of nonsense ;) strange too that UI2 doesn't work with anything other than Nvidia - They are not the only graphics adapters that support alpha transparency ;P

We can conclude that LinuxMCE by NO MEANS is user-friendly or easy to install. In fact in my case absolutely *nothing* worked out of the box (here I am referring to the "demo" video)... My TV-cards and media sharing doesn't work either. Anyway. When I get a 48-72 hours free, I'll try to dedicate it to getting my MC to work with LinuxMCE. Damn thing is, I like the idea a lot, so I gotta try to get it to work.

I wonder when v1.2 is going out - Soon it will be a month over-due ;)

Installation issues / Re: Kubuntu alternate or desktop
« on: May 29, 2007, 10:21:10 pm »
Alternat or desktop are the same, except that alternate is in text mode, so people with fairly exotic hardware can complete the install and, for instance, install another graphics driver.
I installed Feisty using alternate (because I am using an ATI Xpress 1250 integrated graphics processor), installed linux-restricted-modules for the kernel, and installed xorg-fglrx :)

So bottom line: If you cannot complete the installation using desktop, use alternate to install, and solve your problems from there :)

Installation issues / Re: 1.1 Beta - Upgrade? Changelog?
« on: May 17, 2007, 11:02:36 pm »
I read that the 1.1 final is planned to launch around may 25th - why not wait? People are experiencing a few issues with the install - Maybe they will be ironed out by the final - under two weeks ;)
My LMCE 1.0 install failed, so I am going with this 1.1 beta!

Installation issues / How about a few unofficial 1.1 beta mirrors?
« on: May 17, 2007, 10:17:46 pm »
How about a few unofficial 1.1 beta mirrors? There are a few of us that aren't getting any serious speed from torrents, due to NAT. A few unofficial mirrors would be great! :)
Even or something would be good, but you'd have to split the ISO's up because of the 100MB limit...

Just a thought :)

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