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Okay thanks. So I can’t run directly on a single computer? For example to record TV and DVD movies etc?

Do Linux MCE Supports DVD burning and internet browsing like Microsoft MCE

“BTW, the media directors (if properly configured) can PXE boot off the server, so you can have diskless MD's”

As in a thin client?

So it all comes down to amateur of choice, for me its not cheaper to setup a hole new Linux system.   

Hi I am a noob at Linux so if you will be so kind to place me in right direction


minimal system requirements for Linux MCE?
And witch graphic card do you use to make it running smooth?

I be grateful for a complete hardware requirements list. Its probably out there on googel butt you are the expert in this forum.     

Has anyone run Linux MCE under 32 BIT Microsoft Virtual Server? And if so whit any success?

If this post doesn’t fit here be so kind to move it ells veer. As I was weighting earlier I am a noob from Sweden whit limited English skills.

Best regards Karl               

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